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Over fifty of our viewers have contributed photos and videos. They have helped us all better understand the purchase we all have made. Thanks goes out to everyone who has participated.
Videos are terrific. We have seen videos from several members, and they have increased our feeling of the subject matter and conditions of the property at the time of the video. Great to see the RCI videos too.
Photos and videos from viewers are gifts. It takes time to take the photos, review them for relevance and send them in. Without the wonderful contributions from everyone, we all would be relying on words.....and lots of them. Thank goodness we have active fellow owners.
This series of photos depicts the reason we exist....a picture is worth one thousand words.

Aimfair members and participants have contributed over 7,300 photos and videos since we began in September, 2008. This page lists member's photos and videos in one place. It includes creators of both photos and videos of all locations.

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Date TakenCreatorDescription and LinkLocationImage Type
2011-03-19Ted and Susie Ted and Susie's View of the Nayar Golf Course, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2011-04-21dave osborne Photos of San Francisco - San Pancho - Beach and the Mayan Property at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
Gary III's Photos of the Grand Bliss at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico - December 8, 2010
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2010-12-11BeachWalkerBob Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya Photos from Bob and Christina, Ken and John - Various Dates in 2010
Riviera MayaPhoto
2011-03-23BeachWalkerBob The Grand Luxxe Pool Opened at the end of March, 2011 and Bob and Christina were there.
Riviera MayaPhoto
2010-10-19BeachWalkerBob Bob and Christina's photos of the Grand Luxxe Building One at the Mayan Property at Riviera Maya, Mexico before the opening date. There is still much to clean and clear.
Riviera MayaPhoto
2010-08-07JohnT The Ameca River is the southern border of the Nuevo Vallarta Mayan Property and the sites for Grand Luxxe development. These views were taken on August 8, 2010.
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2011-03-28CharlesR Charles R took photos showing Easterly and Westerly views from the Grand Bliss. Change is definitely taking place east of the Grand Bliss.
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2006-09-30djfitz Don's Retirement Trip was to Mazatlan. His wife, friends and he stayed at the Sea Garden and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Deep sea fishing and all.
2011-01-16pittle Pittle contributed photos of the Acapulco Mayan Palace, which she took during her two week vacation in January 2011. They provide a great glimpse of the property before changes take place.
2011-04-25dnorlin Nuevo Vallarta is changing. Dale has provided us witrh a glimpse of these changes. We cannot see the Train Tracks yet, but we know they are there. What fun!
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2011-02-13MJ MJ and her family spent a week at the Riviera Maya Grand Luxxe and had a ball. She shared her photos with us, and she included images of the handicapped bathroom facilities too.
Riviera MayaPhoto
2011-01-08DarrinThe following photos show my experiments with Photosynth. They show the Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Vidanta property and Grand Luxxe construction. Lots of fun!
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2011-05-13Todd and Pam Todd and Pam's views of the Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya beach and new pool - May 14, 2011.
Riviera MayaPhoto
2010-02-19BeachWalkerBob Bob and Christina provided us with images of the Grand Luxxe Building One under construction as well as views of the surrounding area. They frequently snorkel off the Grand Luxxe and Grand Mayan beaches. Enjoy their photos.
Riviera MayaPhoto
2011-05-27bobjones Ministry of Tourism announced Grupo Vidanta would start building a Mansions of the World Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June, 2011.
Buenos AiresPhoto
2011-06-04RMoreno Rigoberto Moreno's views of the Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss and Grand Mayan at Nuevo Vallarta, the Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace at Riviera Maya and the Grand Mayan at San Jose del Cabo. Interesting views from places we have not seen before. Thank you Roberto. Enjoy!
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2011-06-09bobjones Barbara has sent photos showing the Mayan Palace is changing at the Grupo Vidanta Nuevo Vallata, Mexico property. Is management revamping the top five floors of the center tower or will the building height be reduced to two floors? Watch the progress. What will the end result be?
Nuevo VallartaPhoto
2009-10-29phyllis Grand Mayan at San Jose del Cabo - Phyllis and her husband on October 30, 2009.
San Jose Del CaboPhoto
2011-02-20karingwiz Karin is an active Grand Luxxe member. An EastCoaster, Karin has spent many weeks in San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya. In this segment, Karin provides
Nuevo VallartaPhoto

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