Prestige Vacation Services

September 7, 2013

This morning we were treated to an email from a fellow Aimfair member. The sender asked the same questions we have heard before:
No, we had not heard of this company. But the name is similar to another perpetrator of Advance Fee Fraud schemes.

After a relatively quick review of the company and information we learned about the company, we summarized our findings here: Prestige Vacation Services

We do not believe Grupo Vidanta benefits from these scams in any way but one: it reinforces management's efforts to remain very diligent about protecting confidential information and to keep its members aware of these scams.

We hear about our friends being taken advantage of by these "business schemes". The callers are very slick salesmen who do nothing more than ask people to send in money in exchange for false promises.

Don't be a victim! Let's keep the information flowing!
Remember...if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!