Jingle Bells As You've Never Heard Before

January 10, 2022

Yes, it is after the Christmas and Holiday celebrations. We know. BUT, this rendition of Jingle Bells will, if nothing more, introduce you to a new and energetic experience. Joy exudes from this video, which is a pop-up concert performed by the US Air Force Band and Choral group. Remember this link when you feel down or like you need a boost of energy! It will be the cure for all despondency!!

Yes, we know it is unusual to draw attention to something that is traditionally saved for the Holidays. But, if we all keep this rendition of Jingle Bells in mind all the time, chances are we will smile and think of how wonderful the gift of music is; maybe it will also be a mood changer too.
Here's to you and many wonderful years where ever you may be!

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