Let' Get Together - Gatherings

February 14, 2011

First of all, Happy Valentines Day to everyone! What fun it would be to enjoy Valentines Day at one of the Vida Vacation Club resorts in Mexico.

Speaking of getting together at Vida Vacation Club resorts, Aimfair members have gathered at the area to the right of the Luxxe Pool bar, near the Reflection Pond between Grand Luxxe Tower I and Grand Luxxe Tower II. In the past the meeting time coincided with Happy Hour, which was 5:30 PM on Mondays. Of course there is nothing magic about Mondays.

Communicating with each other is difficult. So we set up a communal email address: call_us@luxxeowners.com.

To access this account:
  1. Type into your browser address bar or click on the following: mail.luxxeowners.com. This is the Lets Get Together Email Account.

  2. Type "call_us" as the user name.

  3. Type "letsgetT" as the password.

  4. Once in the email account, review all messages or send a message.

  5. Sending a message, you simply enter into the "to" and "from" email addresses the following email account: "call_us@luxxeowners.com". Your message will appear in the call_us@luxxeowners.com email account for all to see.

Note: This procedure applies to all properties and resorts. Everyone can see the messages. Therefor, be sure to mention where you are when making posting your message asking others to get together..

We hope everyone shares Valentines Day with each other.

Have fun!

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