Estates Pod #1 Lobby Area

The Estates Pod #1 - Attractive Lobby Area

Estates Two Bedroom Suite

The Estates Suites are beautiful. Although they are smaller than the Luxxe family of accommodations, the amenities are higher quality and the density of guests and owners will be less.

The 1 and 2 Bedroom Estates Suites combine to become a 3 BR unit. The beauty of this combinataion is there is a kitchen area in the 1 BR unit too. Beverages and food staples which are unique to the persons staying in the smaller unit can be easily accessed without having to leave their unit. This is a real convenience when the smaller unit is being used by family members of different ages.

Following are photos taken in Pod #1 in April, 2021. Enjoy!
Estates 2 BR Living Area:
Estates 2 BR Living 01 004

Moving through the doorway from the 1 BR Suite to the 2 BR Suite.

Estates 2 BR Living 02 015

Upon entering the 2 BR Suite from the 1 BR Suite, you are in the dining area with a view of the kitchen area.

Estates 2 BR Living 03 019

The dining area is close to the sliding glass door leading to the deck..

Estates 2 BR Living 04 023

The deck is small. But the accommodations are perfect for reading or relaxing.

Estates 2 BR Living 05 043

The kitchen offers a large refrigerator, an oven, a dishwasher and wine cooler among other fine amenities. The island is perfect for food prep and breakfast or other fast meals.

Estates 2 BR Living 07 057

The living area is comfortable and backs up against the second bedroom. A sliding partition separates the living area from the bedroom and provides privacy.

Estates 2 BR Living 08 063

Included in the living area are comfortable furniture pieces. Again the quality is higher than that found in the Luxxe units.

The Estates 2 BR Suite Master Bedroom and Bath
Estates 2 BR Master 01 004

Access the Master Bedroom from the wide entry hall. In this hall there is a third full bathroom and entry to the second bedroom. Note the pool is on the other side of the sliding glass door to the deck, which is very private.

Estates 2 BR Master 02 009

The Master Bedroom is very well appointed with quality furniture.

Estates 2 BR Master 03 017

Lighting in the Master Bedroom appears to be much brighter and more contemporary.

Estates 2 BR Master 04 029

The Master Bath offers subdued lighting. It is roomy and the walkin closets are convenient.

Estates 2 BR Master 05 032

There are two sinks in both the Master Bath and second bedroom bath. Drawer space seems lacking however.

Using the 1 BR and 2 BR Suites together as a 3 BR Suite is a great option for families who love to golf or groups of friends traveling together. With all the pool, gym, spa and other amenities all together in one place, the Estates will become a favorite place to vacation. That is especially true for families or groups of friends who love to golf or just hit balls. The true value of the Estates is in the future as we all are able to start using these great facilities.
The Estates are open. As of May 1, we are told there are only five units in inventory. Not only are the other units not finished, the exterior emenities (pools gym, spa and other venues) are not complete. Also, the new bridge would have to be finished before opening the Estates because of the traffic jams that would build without it. So, you know the old saying....Stay Tuned...
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