Keneen shared this beautiful rainbow today - February 3, 2020. Thank you!
Keneen shared this beautiful rainbow today - February 3, 2020. Thank you!

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  • Beachland in Nuevo Vallarta. We will be adding Riviera Maya shortly.
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  • Sky Dream Parks are the entertainment parks now under construction near Highway 200 and on the North side of the Ameca River bridge.
  • Jungala is the water park located in Riviera Maya.
  • Vidanta Elegant is the Vidanta Cruises first ship.
  • Rentals and Sales is the Aimfair Classified Ad section where members list weeks for rent and contracts for sale.
  • Golf facilities has focused on Nuevo Vallarta facilities, but they are offered at other destinations as well.
  • Scams? Beware! An offer that is too good to be true.....IS too good to be true!! Learn about protecting yourself and what to look for.
  • Timesharing is a growing and complicated industry. We barely scratch the surface here.
  • Exchange Companies can be helpful. However, inventory offered by the Exchange Companies comes from Vidanta, so it can be a service that changes with the season.

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Now....on to Scam Alerts! They are at the highest levels ever!!

We are beseiged with fake offers to buy our contracts or rent our weeks. We all want to receive the highest price we can for both. This desire on our parts could leave us open to receiving fake offers.

It is not uncommon to see the same offer year after year. A few days ago we received the Fake Offer from Vidanta - sent from a domain called VIDANTA-MEMBERS.COM. This domain was created on July 8, 2022, and the email message is you need to contact the sender to take advantage of Bonus Weeks that are about to expire. This offer was first seen in 2014!

Remeber: Be very careful - be very diligent - and DON'T SEND MONEY!

Friday August, 5 2022
Fake Vidanta Covid Rental Offer -...

!!!!!This is beautiful. First of all, this is a rehash of offers that date back to 2016. Of course, Covid was not around then, but Vidanta was. And so was the group that keeps offering us the...

Wednesday July, 20 2022
Vidanta Members Rental Program -...

July 30, 2022 - We received this email: IF YOU READ THIS FAR, CONSIDER THIS: Registrar Status: Dates 1 days old Created on 2022-07-29 Expires on 2023-07-29 Updated on 2022-07-29 That's...

Tuesday July, 19 2022
Fake Vidanta Offer - Unused Bonus...

Its baaaacckkk. Yesterday, we received an offer to rent bonus weeks we do not own. It was sent to us by an impersonator of Grupo Vidanta. It is a reminder that Scammers are active. The offer is a...

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Century 21 - Does Not Have...

Century 21 Fractional Ownership - Not Century 21 Our...

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Empire Realty - Scam

Empire New York Realty - The Real and the False Our Aimfair...

Dec 2021
Aimfair Background2 For Taller Picture
Law Offices of Daniel...

LawOfficeOfDanielCaggiano.com - 108 Days Old - Update...

Dec 2021
Law Office Of Daniel Caggiano and Der.com - Possible Scams
Law Office Of Daniel Caggiano...

LawOfficeOfDanielCaggiano.com - 108 Days Old Our Aimfair...

Dec 2021
The Law Offices of Daniel Caggiano and Der.com - Possible Scams
The Law Offices of Daniel...

Der.com and Daniel Caggiano - Possible Scam On November 23,...

Sep 2021
The Brokerage Exchange - Homer, LA -
The Brokerage Exchange -...

Possible Scam - The Brokerage Exchange, Homer, LA....

Sep 2021
Aimfair Background For Taller Picture
Fastest Exit - Scam or Real?

Fastest Exit recently sent a letter and also cold called us in...

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Bob and Mary Ann

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