What Have We Learned So Far?

March 25, 2012

Its hazy this morning. Our photos may seem a bit washed out. Regardless, subject matter is more important than the beauty of the photo, at lease in the case of this post.

Its a hazy day on the beach - March 25, 2012

What we have learned so far:
  1. The south tower of the Mayan Palace is now at ground level. The latest rumor is it will be turned into a garden area. Below is a well used tunnel, which will not be demolished. In a matter of months, there will be little evidence that a seven story building once stood there.

  2. While on the subject of the Mayan Palace, Mary Ann and I were walking on the path on the ocean side of the lake, across from the Mayan Palace. She speculated the next part of the Mayan Palace to be demolished will be the brown, round south tower. It is actually an elevator shaft. She said it should come down because the building is now out of balance. Well, it may be happening before our very eyes. Men at the top of this structure send what we believe are concrete blocks in buckets, tied to ropes to the ground floor. These concrete fragments are coming from inside the top of the tower. Stay tuned. Noise is substantially reduced.

  3. New foundation piers are in place east and south of the east end of the Grand Luxxe Tower IV. These are located near the bend in the Ameca River shoreline. Additionally, there appear to be other foundations in area too. However, they appear to be pool facilities rather than footings for a building. Clearly it is too early to tell what these footings will finally become. Hopefully we will get more information later in the week.

  4. The Punta pools are not heated as warmly at the Grand Luxxe pool closest to the Blue Fish Restaurant. Over a couple of glasses of red wine at Paul's place, I admitted to not understanding the issue. "The water seemed warm enough for me", I said. I was soundly corrected by Jim, Pam and Paul, who all said that the water should be a cozy 85 to 90 degrees. Result is, the pools are not warm. There is a flaw in the Solar equipment. Although the water is comfortable, as is the ocean, the mantra continues to be "Heat the pool!" "Heat the pool!" Agreed...heat the pool.

  5. The Punta furniture upgrades are taking longer to instal than anticipated. After testing the upgrade process, we hear upgrading all units will take place later in the year when demand for units is not so high. This way, guests will not be inconvenienced and the job will be done completely and correctly.

  6. The train station / reception area across from the Grand Bliss was scheduled to open around the 25th of March. This did not happen because the building and surrounding areas are not quite ready. There may be changes first, after which this beautiful new building will open for use.

  7. We understand the golf academy is weeks to a month from opening, which is right on schedule. Hopefully we will learn more later in the week.

  8. Our observation: This property will become a mecca for guests interested in exercise. We have seen more runners on this trip than ever before. They are running the beach, the paths, and throughout the grounds. Very fun indeed!

  9. Also, the new gym is terrific. More on that later.

That's all for now. We hope to learn more during the week.

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