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Again - The Fake Covid Rental Offer from Vidanta

The FAKE Vidanta offer is a SCAM!
The FAKE Vidanta offer is a SCAM!

This is beautiful.
First of all, this is a rehash of offers that date back to 2016. Of course, Covid was not around then, but Vidanta was. And so was the group that keeps offering us the same fraud scheme and scam.

Following is an email we received last week and again today, August 5, 2022.

Dear Vidanta World Member:

In these uncertain times we want you to be able to do something with your vacation time that is not being used because of COVID-19, your account shows that you have 15 bonus weeks that you have not used and are about to expire, we understand that at this point it would be almost impossible to even think about vacationing, that is why we have an excellent option, you can rent the weeks through us and get $2,400 dollars for each week, there is a $965 dollar usage fee that has to be paid in advanced for every week you decide to rent. We have a large group of people coming and that is why and how we can guarantee the rental.

If you are ready to take advantage of this offer please call us to assist you,



- Member can only rent once per year, as many weeks as you want but only at one time.

- Rental is 100% guaranteed and is all in writing.

- Please reply to this email with your contact information and the best time to call you.


Best regards

Juan Hernandez
Member Services Manager

Paseo de las moras S/N Fraccionamiento Náutico Turístico
Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, 63735 México
USA & CANADA TOLL FREE & FAX 1 888 75 MAYAN (62926)
México & Other Countries: +52-1-984-184-5653 & +52-1-998-385-1534
members at vidanta-members.com.mx
Here is the interesting fact: The domain called vidanta-members.com.mx is 7 days old. Source: whois.domaintools.com

Registration Status:
*Dates - 7 days old
*Created on 2022-07-29
*Expires on 2023-07-29
*Updated on 2022-07-29

Definitely stay away from this group. They remind us year after year that fake offers are all over, and we should be diligent and not accept their offers.

Remember - Only YOU can help prevent scams - DON'T SEND MONEY!

Less than 5% of timeshare owners are able to book their preferred holidays - Study Finds

Did you know that fewer than 5% of timeshare owners claim they were unable to reserve weeks they thought they could reserve when they bought the timeshare interest. The article in question was published in London, England through EINPresswire.com.

The article is interesting from a number of points of view:
  1. Reservation policy is an industry-wide issue and not necessarily an issue tied to one developer or another.
  2. Fifty-two weeks in a year times the number of units that can be reserved at any given time sets the limit of weeks that can be reserved at any given interval.
  3. Different levels of investment imply different privileges.
  4. Contracts may contain different terms.
The issue is a difficult one to overcome. That said, developers can reach agreement and owners are satisfied.

Here is the article for you to think about and make your own assessment:

According to a Timeshare availability poll, less than 5% of owners able to book their preferred holidays.


July 25, 2022:

LONDON, OXFORDSHIRE, UK, July 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ - Timeshare availability poll reveals less than 5% of owners able to book their preferred holidays We were encouraged at the significant number of timeshare owners who responded to Timeshare Advice Centre poll on availability when trying to book into their resorts. The results make disturbing reading Availability poll In the wake of recent publicity about timeshare owners being unable to book into their preferred location or times, the Timeshare Advice Centre subsequently ran a poll (now closed) for owners to say whether or not they are satisfied with their ability to book the accommodation they have paid for. Participants could select between the main resorts affected (Club La Costa, Azure, Marriott, Silverpoint, Diamond, MGM and "other".)

They were then given six options ranging from "I always find availability" to "I've given up trying to request availability"

Timeshare Advice Centre poll Results:
The final tallies were as follows:
  • I always find availability: 0.48%
  • I sometimes find availability: 2.12%
  • I rarely find availability: 61.10%
  • I never find availability: 30.56%
  • I ́ve given up trying to request availability: 5.74%
• • • • •
An overwhelming majority 91.66% of timeshare owners report that they rarely or never get the availability they want. A small but significant amount. 5.74% have given up even trying to make the system work.

The amount of people who get exactly what they want, and for whom the system works as it was sold to them is tiny. Less than one in twenty respondents say they always find availability.

ECC comment
"Even the amount of people who say they 'sometimes' find the availability they want is telling," says Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims (ECC). "Two percent say they sometimes get availability, compared to over sixty percent saying 'rarely'.There is not much difference between those two words except connotation. Describing your success rate as 'sometimes' denotes acceptance or ambivalence. Describing it as 'rarely' suggests discontent."

One thing is certain. The modern consumer is no longer satisfied with dated, expensive and clunky holiday timeshare memberships. Being able to visit the destination you want, on your preferred dates, is key to the contemporary holiday experience.

For help and advice about escaping your timeshare ownership (and in some cases claiming compensation against the resort) get in touch with ECC, for free, confidential advice.

ECC provides timeshare claims services, expert advice and help E: (for media enquiries): mark.jobling at ecc-eu.com
E: (for client enquiries) EUROPE: info at ecc-eu.com USA:[email protected]americanconsumerclaims.com
T: EUROPE: +44800 6101 512 / +44 203 6704 616. USA: 1-877 796 2010
Monday to Friday: UK timings: 9am-8pm. Saturday/Sunday closed. USA 9am -8pm EST. Sunday closed

Relevant websites for this article

www.m1legal.com - www.timeshareadvicecentre.co.uk - www.timeshare.lawyer www.ecc-eu.com

Mark Jobling
Press Contact Communications Director Communication mark.jobling at ecc-eu.com +442035198465

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Disney or Vidanta?

I saw an interesting statement posted on Facebook today. It confirms what a lot of us say in person, but we never see it in print. Bottom line: this person's opinion is Grand Luxxe facilities and experience and price is superior to their experience at a Disney location in Hawaii. Here is the post:

An observation and opinion. We’ve been satisfied members for nearing a decade now. This summer we decided to do Disney’s Aulani resort in Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii. It is beautiful and we’re having a great time but also we are comparing it to Vidanta. Vidanta is winning , In Our opinion. Not as nice of restaurants here as Vidanta. Not as any pools or nighttime entertainment. Rooms are comparable. Travel time to Hawaii is a lot longer. The staff and people here are kind and gracious but nobody compares to the staff at Vidanta . The biggest kicker is prices!! One week here cost as much as an upgrade at Vidanta, and it’s only one week, not all inclusive either! I am so glad we belong to Vidanta.

Sure, we all have preferences, and they are not necessarily the same as the next person. That said, statements about how good we have it in Nuevo Vallarta or Riviera Maya at the Grand Luxxe Residence Club are more common than not.

What do you think? Are the facilities, services and overall experiences at Vidanta superior to those offered by other vacation options? Let us all know by leaving your comment below.

A Recycled Scam Offer - Lives Forever....

Our email folder has received four - that's right - Four invitations to visit "Vidanta-Group" to take advantage of 15 unused bonus weeks assigned to our account. Plus, the offer goes on to say we can rent the weeks through Vidanta-Group and get $2,400 per week. Oh, by the way, did I mention the cost? Nine hundred sixty five dollars - that's $965.00 usage fee - PAID IN ADVANCE!

What is the trade? One of your weeks for two studio units at the Sea Garden Cancun! This offer is a SURE winner....for the people you send money to.

This offer was presented to us four times between April 16, 2022 and May 15, 2022. It was also offered to us in June, 2021, and several years earlier in a row. Yes, scammers do have long lives, and they are always happy to take your money.

Here is the offer you can count on seeing - year after year after year:

Remember, only YOU can help stamp out scammers - DON'T SEND MONEY!!!

Aimfair Update Progress - Bumpy Road

After 12 years with the Tiki platform, we decided to upgrade to the newest version. Well, all the changes since 2010 are starting to show up as we move through the migration process.

We truly appreciate your patience. The project is well underway. As those of you who are Subscribing Members and have visited the Owners Forum have seen, there are weird, new posts appearing on the Forum, and they are not from fellow members.

The Internet is full of interlopers. Additionally, changes to previous settings do not always carry over to new systems, leaving little gaps in the foundation walls. Thank you interlopers for showing where we need to focus. While probing for openings, they found a way to access the Forum.

Rest assured the intrusions are not material - rather they show us where we need to tighten permissions and other settings. This inconvenience will last for a very short period of time (less than a day from now). We could take the Owners Forum offline, but then we would not have the benefit of seeing where the leaks are.

A frequently uttered saying comes to mind....This Too Will Pass....! Contact information is secure.


Bob and Mary Ann

Jon Rahm Wins Mexico Open at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

Greg Norman Course - Site of the Mexico Open at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

We hope you watched the final round of the Mexico Open at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta today. Jon Rahm was the favorite to win, and he did. But not without a bit of stress. Two other players, Cameron Champ and Kurt Kitayama made it interesting for spectators when they tied Rahm in the back nine of the Norman Course.

In the end, all three were tied at one time. But Champ and Kitayama were unable to keep up with Rahm, and he won with a 2 putt on 18 in the end.

Yes, it was fun to watch the match on TV. We enjoyed seeing the temporary structures that were installed just for the tournament. It was fun to see the Norman Course in such great shape. Finally, we could empathize with the players as they tried to sink putts on the Norman greens, which are notoriously like glass.

If you did not watch the final day live, you can read about it on ESPN by tapping the following link: https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/33834288/jon-rahm-closes-birdie-build-2-shot-lead-mexico-open

We look forward to next year's tournament and hope to attend. It would be wonderful fun to attend at least one PGA Tour at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.

Jingle Bells As You've Never Heard Before

January 10, 2022

Yes, it is after the Christmas and Holiday celebrations. We know. BUT, this rendition of Jingle Bells will, if nothing more, introduce you to a new and energetic experience. Joy exudes from this video, which is a pop-up concert performed by the US Air Force Band and Choral group. Remember this link when you feel down or like you need a boost of energy! It will be the cure for all despondency!!

Yes, we know it is unusual to draw attention to something that is traditionally saved for the Holidays. But, if we all keep this rendition of Jingle Bells in mind all the time, chances are we will smile and think of how wonderful the gift of music is; maybe it will also be a mood changer too.
Here's to you and many wonderful years where ever you may be!

Happy New Year

January 3, 2022

Where does time go when vacationing at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta? We celebrated New Year's Eve on the beach and had a wonderful time seeing friends and family. Following is what we saw and enjoyed, and you can vicariously participate in the celebration any time you tap this post.

Before midnight, Salum was hopping with families with multiple generations. Truly a fun way to introduce the New Year!

At midnight, the fireworks display was everything anyone would want. Look in the distance. So many other resorts were shooting off their fireworks show too. Beautiful, and so much fun!

Now, we are three days into the New Year and looking forward to all that 2022 has to offer. There seems to be a new energy to the beginning of 2022, and we hope it will last throughout the New Year!

We wish you all a healthy, prosperous, joyful and exciting 2022.


Generosity of Aimfair Members and Freddy's Friends

December 4, 2021

In less than thirty days, Freddy's friends and Aimfair Members raised more than the $6,000 US goal of the GoFundMe campaign to help Freddy pay for his wife's cancer treatments. This is an exceptional example of kindness!

During the campaign, an Aimfair member brought to our attention another act of kindness. Here is his story:

What a very caring effort you both have made to help Freddy Knox and his wife!

I would like to share with you a similar effort I made last February when my wife and I were at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. While there, I noted that Sr. Oscar Aguilar, who has a craft shop near the Grand Mayan water slide where he sells had-made jewelry, appeared to be in need of a reconditioned wheelchair as the one he was using was in very poor shape and nearly beyond repair and in need of prompt replacement before his chair collapses on him.

With the help of Karina de la Rosa of the Vidanta Customer Care Center, I was able to send him $275 via Western Union and he shortly thereafter received the money and was able to buy a reconditioned wheelchair. He was personally very thankful and we look forward to seeing him when we are at Vidanta NV in January.

Please, I want no recognition for this story of my gift to Oscar; his thank-you was welcome enough. On the other hand, I mention Karina de la Rosa and the Customer Care Center as perhaps another possible source of help in providing care to other Vidanta employees.
It is truly wonderful to find kindness in many places you don't expect. After all, kindness is something we all have to give, and sometimes we forget how important it actually is!

Thank you all for your generosity and kindness. Let's keep spreading it all over!!!

Help Freddy

Freddy Knox and his wife need your help.

October 23, 2021

Freddy Knox is a 20 year veteran with Grupo Vidanta. He spent a number of years in sales until he moved into the Customer Care department. There he found his calling to help people through the challenges of Vidanta contract ownership. After a couple of years as a Customer Care agent, he suggested the company form a VIP Concierge service. The company liked the idea moved him into a new position. He has been working in that position for the past five years.

During the last three years, Freddy's wife has battled cancer. Progress was being made until the pandemic hit in 2020. The combination of reduced tourism that negatively affected Vidanta and a change for the worse in Freddy's wife's condition have created very difficult circumstances for Freddy and his ability to continue paying mounting medical bills.

We did not know Freddy had to leave Vidanta and move to his wife's home town north of Mexico City until a Facebook post indicated Freddy was no longer the point person for the VIP Concierge services. We reached out to Freddy and heard his desperate story. He needs help paying his rising medical bills.

Given he has been such a helpful person to those of us who worked with him at Vidanta, we decided to form Go Fund Me page so Aimfair Members and other members of Vidanta can give back by sending gifts in his behalf. The goal is to reach $6,000. Generous Aimfair members have already contributed nearly $1,000, so we are on our way.

Please give what you can to help Freddy cover his mounting medical expenses. Tap the following link to be taken to our Go Fund Me Page: https://gofund.me/792f37da Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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