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Travelers Choosing Larger Suites Find Resorts a Better Option

A recent article highlighted a change in traveler vacation preferences. The data suggests timeshare resort facilities are becoming more popular as travelers want more space and security on their vacations. Does this bode well for the Grand Luxxe Residence Club, The Residences and The Estates divisions? Certainly, space and security are hallmarks of the Vidanta properties and resorts we all enjoy and are perfect for new vacation experiences.

According to the author, In the past 15 years, the rise of affordable short-term rental vacations, particularly through platforms like Airbnb, has significantly impacted the way people travel. Travelers have become accustomed to the space and conveniences offered by homes or condos and have shifted away from traditional single-room hotel units.

However, her research implies that in 2023, the total rental cost of Airbnb has become somewhat more expensive than a hotel room, and travelers are increasingly seeking the amenities, security, and consistency provided by resorts.

The changing preferences have driven hotels to update their offerings, but they struggle to meet the demand for suites or connecting rooms. As a result, travelers are turning to vacation clubs (timeshares), where they can find spacious accommodations with resort-like amenities from trusted hotel brands.

In the opinion of the author, the shift in travel preferences observed over the past decade is a natural outcome of consumer demand for more spacious and convenient accommodations. Airbnb played a significant role in popularizing short-term rental vacations, and it has offered unique experiences for travelers worldwide. However, as the platform grew, it faced various challenges related to customer service, scams, cancellations, and safety concerns, which might have affected its appeal to some travelers.

On the other hand, the rise in demand for resort-type experiences reflects the desire for a balance between the comfort of a home and the services and amenities provided by hotels. This trend has encouraged hotels to adapt and enhance their offerings, with a particular focus on larger rooms, connecting suites, and vacation club options.

Timeshare resorts, especially the Estates Division at Vidanta, Four Bedroom Residences at Vidanta and Three Bedroom Residences at Vidanta, are meeting the needs of modern travelers who seek spacious accommodations with resort facilities, professional management, and the reliability of well-known hotel brands. The increase in timeshare sales and rentals indicates that many travelers find this model attractive.

Ultimately, the travel industry will continue to evolve, and different types of accommodations will appeal to different groups of travelers. The key for both Airbnb and hotels is to understand and address the changing preferences of their customers to remain competitive in this dynamic market.

Does this trend bode well for Vidanta properties and resorts? We think so. Facilities, properties, amenities, safety and flexibility are hallmarks of Vidanta operated properties. The newest brand called the Estates appears to exceed all expectations for luxury, proportional spaciousness, amenities, comfort, privacy and safety. As the most elegant offering, it is a fitting climax to a hierarchy of beautiful and spacious accommodations that begin with the modest Sea Garden. A full range of options is available to travelers interested in spending their vacation in Mexico.

What do you think? Do the Vidanta luxury facilities exceed your expectations? Drop us a note and we will post your comments. You can reach us at feedback at aimfair.com.

Trust and Loyalty - Can you have only one?

A thought provoker recently published an article that asked if brands need to be trustworthy to gain customer loyalty. Trust and loyalty enter the minds of owners of timeshare interests either consciously or subconsciously all the time. Partially true information, being told what the prospective buyer wants to hear, omitting full disclosure, under estimating timelines, failing to meet expectations, making changes through interpretation are a few examples where trust and loyalty enter the timeshare ownership paradigm.

Her name is Rachel Botsman. She writes, speaks and educates. Her focus is teaching people and organizations how to rethink their relationship with trust. Here is the source of the article: https://rachelbotsman.substack.com/p/why-loyalty-and-trust-are-not-the?publication_id=1151244&post_id=135094454&isFreemail=true&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

The article discusses trust and loyalty in the context of customer relationships with brands. The author shares personal experiences and observations to explore whether trust necessarily leads to loyalty or if they are distinct and can exist separately.

The main points of the article are as follows:

Questioning Trust and Loyalty:
The article begins with a question posed by a leader of a large brand: "Can you have loyalty without trust?" The author's initial response is that trust leads to loyalty, but she expresses curiosity about whether trust and loyalty are moving closer together or further apart in today's world.

Personal Examples of Loyalty:
The author shares examples of brands and individuals and loyalty. For example, she cites being loyal to local suppliers, authors, and some writers on Substack due to emotional connections and repeated interactions. On the other hand, she admits not being loyal to certain brands like supermarkets and airlines, even though she trusts them.

Defining Customer Loyalty:
The article defines customer loyalty as both an action and a feeling. It involves repeatedly buying from or interacting with a brand while also having an emotional connection to it. True loyalty is characterized by rejecting competition, sticking around even when it's not easy, buying products, advocating for the brand, and providing honest feedback.

Trust vs. Loyalty:
The article highlights that trust and loyalty are not necessarily interchangeable. Customers may trust a brand for certain aspects, but that doesn't automatically lead to loyalty. Conversely, customers may be loyal to a brand even without fully trusting it. The article suggests that the highest form of loyalty requires deep trust.

Earning Trust and Loyalty:
The author emphasizes that brands and individuals can earn both trust and loyalty through consistent and caring actions, authentic connections, personalized interactions, and reliability.

The Ultimate Combo:
The article concludes by asserting that both loyalty and trust are valuable and complementary qualities. An anecdote about a loyal and trustworthy individual named Bob illustrates how loyalty and trust can reinforce each other.

Overall, the article offers insights into the complex relationship between trust and loyalty, acknowledging that they are related but distinct concepts. Trust may lead to loyalty, but loyalty can also be earned through other means, and the ultimate goal is to cultivate both trust and loyalty to build strong customer relationships.

One final thought: A customer experience agency found loyal customers are 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as likely to forgive, 4x as likely to refer, and 7x as likely to try a new offering. Wow, especially on the forgiveness point.

In the context of your relationship with Vidanta over the years, what are your emotions? Do you trust Vidanta? Are you loyal to Vidanta? If you are like most Vidanta timeshare owners, you have a mixed bag of emotions that may change each time you visit a Vidanta property.

Wahlberg - Ancer Golf Etiquette

Vidanta Humor

A new ad

Mark Wahlberg and Abraham Ancer

Who are Mark Wahlberg and Abraham Ancer? They are in a terrific ad featuring Flecha Azul Tequila, the Norman Course at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and the beautiful property at Nuevo Vallarta.

What's so fun about this ad is the way Mark Wahlberg tries to disrupt Abraham Ancer in a golf match for dinner and two cases of Flecha Azul Tequila. That is a big bet, and players need to concentrate to stay on their game.

Well, Mark Wahlberg is a quite a celebrity. He is a singer, actor, producer and recipient of many awards, including three Golden Globe Awards, nine Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Abraham Ancer is a PGA Golf pro from Mexico. He has played in 143 PGA Tour events and finished in the top 10 in 25 events. Clearly, Abraham has been around.

Both make a dynamic duo in this ad. Also, Golf Etiquette is the featured subject. Great to see spirited ads like these circulate.

Enjoy Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, enjoy the golf and enjoy the people you will meet while on vacation!

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