You are a knowledgeable buyer of timeshare interests.

So ask yourself:

"Why would anyone pay me more than the price from the developer for the same floor plan??"

Answer is simple: They wouldn't!! 

So, the next time someone offers to pay you more than you paid for your contract, tell the caller you have a great deal for them....

PAY LESS for the same contract....BUY FROM GRUPO VIDANTA!

Learn about the FAKE BONUS WEEK SCAM

Possible Timeshare Scams

No bonus weeks in this offer - just a waste of your time AND possibly money! NOT LEGITIMATE! Tap here to read all about the offer...

Read about the most frequent scam called the Advance Fee Fraud
. In this case, the timeshare owner/seller is cold called by an individual who claims to be a legitimate broker/agent for a legitmate broker/dealer/event planner/timeshare specialist. Often times the caller has stolen the identity of legitimate brokers/agents and companies to put the person being cold called at ease.

Here is how the scam works as diagramed by the FTC:

FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme
FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme

Scams - The unfortunate soft underbelly of the Timeshare Industry.

Report a fraud to the FBI
Want to report a fraud to the FBI?
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Follow these simple steps to determine if the caller is legitiate or not:
  • Copy and paste the domain name into a “who-is” site to determine the ownership profile of the domain. When it was created, when changes were made and when it expires. The sites with one year durations are likely scams.
  • Copy and paste the address into Google Earth or some other mapping service with Satellite imaging. Look at the location of the address to determine if it refers to an office building or some other structure. Sometimes the address is a vacant lot.
  • Copy and paste the address into the search box of your browser. Identify companies located at the given address. It is best if you can find the management company or leasing agent. Call them and ask if the company in question pays rent to the management company. If you can’t find a management company or leasing agent, call one of the companies listed at the given address. Generally speaking, addresses in office buildings without specific reference to a suite number is a fake address. The US Postal Service or any other mail delivery service would not be able to deliver a parcel to an address that does not have a suite number.
  • Log into the state’s Secretary of State Business Search site. Search for the company name. If it does not appear, then the company is suspect.
  • Log into the state’s real estate division and search for the agent’s name or the name of the company. If the company does not appear, it is suspect. Sometimes you can find a name that has been hijacked by checking addresses listed. The scammer's address may not appear in the official records.
  • Search for a website called Yougetsignal.com. This site allows you to reverse look up email addresses, telephone numbers and other stuff. The keys are to determine if the telephone numbers are located at the address given in the website. The email search is likely to come up blank.

Participate in CLASS ACTION Suit? Government agency collecting data?

Grupo Vidanta's warning - be aware and stay away!
Finally, heed Grupo Vidnata's instructions as they are outlined below:

So let's all do our part to help stamp out the scams: Only You Can Write the Check....So Don't Write It!
Remember, these people do not feel they are doing anything wrong.
  • Do not send money or pay for ANYTHING.
  • Do not send any documents by FAX.
  • Do send by certified return receipt requested to the caller's listed address as a test document. If the test parcel arrives and the recipient reads to you the information you requested in the certified letter, then at least you know the address is not fake.
  • Perform your due diligence carefully.
  • If it seems too good to be true, then stay away!
  • If it is legitimate, then all costs of the sale are paid from verified proceeds in a verified escrow account that you open and control - AFTER the sale closes.
If you are contacted by a company that does not pass your "too good to be true" test, please let us know so we can share your information with others.

We love our timeshare with Grupo Vidanta. It provides us with facilities we would not otherwise be able to access with regularity. What all members don't care for are calls from unkown sources who have contract information that is not public. We all must be willing to say "no thank you" to these faceless, callers from cyberspace.

Following are articles about scams Aimfair members and others have described. Feel free to send us updates as you see the need.

Saturday February, 24 2024
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Saturday February, 17 2024
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Nino received an email from a person who claimed to be an attorney with ASF (Auditoria Superior de la Federation) and shared his conversations with Aimfair. Nino is very good at identifying scams....

Saturday January, 20 2024
Wedding Planning Scam

An offer to rent multiple weeks - up to 80 guests - came in today. It looked phishy, so I looked up the domain. Sure enough, the domain called "knirghtfrank.com" is not registered. Here is...

Friday December, 15 2023
City Point Real Estate - Utah

We received the following from Nino, Aimfair's #1 scam investigator. Nino has uncovered so many scams, it is amazing he and we still receive more. One would think the scammers would highlight those...

Friday October, 20 2023
National Real Estate Investors -...

This morning, we received an upbeat email from one of our Aimfair friends in New York who had a fantastic time in Nuevo Nayarit this past summer with a group of 12. He joyfully exclaimed, "We had a...

Monday October, 16 2023
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All of us receive calls from people we don't know. Many of us don't even answer the call unless the phone number is in our contacts list. Luckily, we can also block unwanted calls too. In...

Monday August, 21 2023
Bonus Week Notice from...

Wow! We must be high on everyone’s list. We just received an important notice from Vidamembers.com.mx reminding us that we have Bonus Weeks we have not used. Here is the notice: Here is what...

Sunday August, 6 2023
How Aimfair Saved $65,000 USD

Yes, that’s right. An Aimfair member contacted us a few days ago asking about the “guarantees" offered by SAT and HACIENDA - two agencies of the Mexican government. Based on these guarantees, he...

Saturday August, 5 2023
No Guarantees from FONATUR

We received word from Nino about another attempt by a caller to gain contract and confidential information for an investigation conducted by FONATUR. FONATUR, or the National Fund for Tourism...

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