Welcome - What is Aimfair?

  • A member supported website since September, 2008.

  • A rich information source about properties owned by and timeshare interests issued by Grupo Vidanta and its affiliates. Aimfair is not affiliated with Grupo Vidanta in any way except through timeshare contracts issued to owners of Aimfair by Grupo Vidanta and its affiliates.

  • A place to Rent and List to Rent - Luxury Living Experiences at Vidanta properties.

  • A place to Buy and List to Buy - contracts that access Luxury Living Experiences at Vidanta properties.

Three levels of viewership:
  • Free - Anonymous - read our our Blog posts and warnings about scams that are cirulating throughout the universe of timeshare owners.
  • Registered - Receive emails from Aimfair plus view what Anonymous viewers access.
  • Subscribing Members - Access to all aspects of Aimfair in return for supporting the website.
The following table lists the benefits of Subscribing to and Registering with Aimfair:

Feature Subscriber Account Registered Account
Owners Forum Yes - Currently viewing reviews of Owner Updates... No Viewing or Posting Access
Current News Full Access Full Access to headlines, Limited Access to some Posts
Photos Full Access Full Access to headlines, Limited Access to some Posts
Calendars Full Access No Viewing or Posting Access
Corners Full Access No Access
Listing Rental Full Access Viewing but no Posting Access
Posting Comments Likes and Offers, Add Tips and Comments, Travel Comments Viewing but no Posting Access

The difference between those who register and those who periodically visit Aimfair.com without registering is access to email updates. Those who register receive email updates from Aimfair. To stay updated, register. Rest assured, we do not share personal information with anyone.

Subscribing members help offset production and maintenance costs that must be paid to keep Aimfair operating. In exchange for their generosity, subscribing members have full access to the site.

Here is a recap of the differences between the three levels of participation:

Three options for viewing Aimfair.com are:

Paid Members

Interact with other Members and receive all Registered beneftis, plus...
  • Place your own and View Posts in The Owners Forum
  • View and Contribute Current News
  • View and Contribute Photos
  • List Weeks for Rent and Sale
  • Annual Membership Fee = $60 USD*

Registered (Free)

Access General Information and receive notices of updates via email, plus...
  • Access to Items in the Lefthand Menu
  • Current News Summaries (found in upper menu bar)


All are welcome to view topic summaries and Rentals and Sales.

*We accept payment by credit card through PayPal. The annual subscription is $62 USD. Payment by check drawn on a non-US bank is $65 USD.

We all have invested heavily in our timeshare interests. Also, Aimfair is a community of active, very nice people. Subscribing to Aimfair is a small price to pay to stay current with changes, comments and news contributed by Aimfair members.

We welcome you to join our vibrant community of Aimfair.com members as we open doors to new opportunities and experiences. We want to be your trusted source of information, for interactions with fellow members and for Luxury Rentals and Sales at Vidanta properties in Mexico.

Happy traveling....and please stay in touch.