Nuevo Vallarta - Changes Along the Beach From Margot

October 13, 2020

We all know there are changes to the beach area in Nuevo Vallarta. Tap here to view how the beach area looked in June and here to see how it looked in August, 2020.

Our recent photos from Margot show new progress and provide insights to what might be coming. Consider the following:

Here is The "Grassy Knoll" as it appeared in March, 2020.

This is a closer image of the new area. The structures may be the location for two new restaurants.

This overview photo shows the extent of the construction taking place on the Grassy Knoll. No more grass. Replaced by trees. The lagoon in front of La Plaza is the shallow water that appears to the right of the retaining wall.

This close up image shows a new retaining wall of some sort and a new elevated walkway under construction. It also appears there may be a roadway under the elevated walkway. This may be the path shuttles will use to move guests from one location to the beach club. Two restaurants may be planned for this location as well as shopping and new pools.

This photo shows a test gondola pod on its way to another station. Cafe del Lago's roof is in the foreground.

The Grand Bliss Gondola station is changing too. Look at another tree filled mound. The view from the Grand Bliss ground floor deck will likely be of the lagoon only. No oean or Gondola station.

It certainly does not look like much now. Also, the completion date for the area could easily be mid-2021 or later.
The new beach club is really a new activity area, that will include restaurants, shops, pools and access to the beach. Certainly it will be beautiful, but use of the area is at least a year away. Stay tuned....
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