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February 14, 2013

Another Hijacking - Identity Theft!

Investment Choices LLC sounds legitmate. Its website, which is located at http://investmentchoicesllc.com/, "looked legitimate", said the owner of a company called Investment Choices IV, LLC.

He received two calls within the last week and a half. One person lives in Texas and the other lives in Michigan. The person who lives in Texas owns a Grand Mayan contract. We don't know what the second party owns.

Here is the scenario:
  • These two individuals own timeshare interests and were called by two separate individuals, who offered to buy their timeshare interests.
  • Both parties were suspicious and conducted their own, independent due diligence.
    • Each looked in the North Carolina Department of Corporations for the company called Investment Choices LLC.
    • Each identified the company's location and contacted the firm.
    • Each determined the phone numbers on the company's letterhead were different from the phone number listed on documents filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State.
    • Each called the company using the number listed in the North Carolina State records.
    • Each learned the company listed in the State records is a legitimate company that has nothing to do with timeshares.
  • The Texas party said she was not going to pursue the proposed transaction unless all fees required by the seller by paid from the proceeds of the sale.
  • She heard nothing more from the party who claimed to be from Investment Choices LLC.
Then, she was contacted by another party. This one is in California, and supposedly works for Empire Property Management CA. The person she talked to said he was Jeremy Hakimi.

Please note: The Empire Property Management CA website makes reference to another hijacked company. This one is in Pleasanton, California called Realty Power. We think this was a mistake made by the person who set up the Empire website. Also, the address listed in the Empire website does not exist in Long Beach.

There is a Jeremy Hakimi, who is a licensed real estate broker in California. He is the Designated Officer for Empire Capital Group. The REAL Jeremy Hakimi is located in Chino California, not Long Beach.

We suspect she did not talk to the REAL Jeremy Hakimi because the Jeremy Hakimi she talked to referred her to a FAKE Brett Jennings at Title Clearance Service, which is not a company in good standing in the state of California.

Here is what she said:
Brett Jennings is a realtor in CA. The person at Title Clearance Service is impersonating Brett Jennings, using his name and license number. The REAL Brett Jennings has had several phone calls and has tried to stop this guy from using his name. Brett called Title Clearance Service and talked with the FAKE Brett Jennings and recorded the conversation. It is attached here and you can listen to it. This is really sad. Is there any way you can attach this recording on your web page? Here are the two web pages that I know are fake and fraud:
www.titleclearanceservice.net - Brett Jennings (FAKE Brett Jennings) is at this number 408-905-1904
www.empirepropertymanagementca.com - 562-363-5852 - Jeremy Hakimi is probably a FAKE Jeremy because there is a real Jeremy Hakimi out there.

Please let me know if you can attach the recording of The Real Brett Jennings calling the Fake Brett Jennings.
Yes, we can attach the file. Click on "Download Now", save the file to your desktop and open the file through your multi-media player.
Download Now to save the media file that contains the conversation between the REAL Brett Jennings and his Identity Thief - Title Clearance Service Scam Conversation
Pretty amazing! The impersonator feels he is doing nothing wrong. In fact, he implies the person sending the money to him is actually to blame.

In our view, that is probably true! No one can make someone write a check and give it to a stranger or withdraw money and give it to a stranger.

To give you more resolve, just remember to:
  1. Demand that all Seller Required Payments be paid from the proceeds of the sale.
  2. Never FAX anything.
  3. Always send documents by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
  4. If it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is!
We are all responsible for our own acts. Just do what these ladies did....do your due diligence. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Stay away!
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