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Winning Combination: SF Giants p...
The newest video released by Grupo Vidanta features a relationship with an entity close to home. The San Francisco Giants and Vidanta Resorts have entered into a marketing relationship.

We are thrilled because the Giants are in our backyard. The San Francisco Bay Area has so much to offer that relationships with non-local entities become lost. This is true especially for vacation options. Why? The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the few places where you can drive to the mountains to ski and return to swim in the ocean or drive to the wine country in the morning and have dinner in San Francisco. Yes, we were younger when we did these things, but that isn't to say it is not possible today.

Now we can include another linkage: Drive to SF to see a Giants game and hop on the plane to visit Mexico at a Vidanta Resort. These are two of our favorite things, and I'm sure you will agree that the idea of doing just that is a fun one.

Here is the video. Enjoy, and Go Giants and Vidanta!!

{youtube movie="7ymWW--YHq0" privacyEnhanced="n" width="700" quality="high" allowFullScreen="y" related="y"}

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