The new beach club and pool area as seen by Actionslax in June, 2017.  Interesting vantage point, and everyone seems to be having a great time!
The new beach club and pool area as seen by Actionslax in June, 2017. Interesting vantage point, and everyone seems to be having a great time!

Update From Riviera Maya by Actionslax

June 25, 2017

We have been receiving lots of news from Aimfair members who are vacationing in Riviera Maya. Following are comments from Actionslax about what he learned during his sale presentation and other conversations (Tap here to view Actionslax's Photo Update):

Update 6/24/2017:
This was my first time to RM Grand Luxxe and stayed in a 3 BR spa with 6 total in the party. For whatever reason, the experience was much better than trips in the past, to NV. I don’t know how much is the maturation of the company or random variations but I can now honestly say that the service was as good as any 3-5 star hotel I have stayed at, including Ritz Carlton Cayman Island, my previous favorite. I agree with other posters that the platinum status does seem to have some effect here. Cart service for example is dedicated to Platinum members but you need to know that and stress it everytime you make a cart appointment but it’s worth it. The food is superb in almost all examples.

The Joya experience was the pinnacle of the week, not just with the show which is pretty typical Cirque material but the theater and grounds were breathtaking and the dinner experience was the most unique I have ever had. The food at all the restaurants was extremely good especially, believe it or not, at the pool which I believe uses the kitchen of the new Spanish restaurant. Speaking of pools, the Lazy River remains empty but will be functional by October 2017. I found the Beach Club to be a superb design and sophisticated, again the best of the vidanta pools to date (realize that I haven’t been to NV for 2 years). The buildings next to the Beach Club is El Villorio, which will open in AUGUST, 2017 and will include 3 new restaurants, 1 sports bar and the new sales center. A new beach club will be there for the exclusive use of residence members, JE and platinum GL.

Put that all together with news of the Dreamworks theme park being granted construction plan approval ½ mile away and the future for a successful investment seems stronger than ever. This is not new news. In fact this is taken from a November 2016 magazine article about other development nearby: “After a series of delays, the Kanai Resort between Cancun and Playa del Carmen is once again progressing. Plans call for four luxury properties — Auberge, W Retreat, St. Regis, and Park Hyatt — plus a beach club. The 136-room St. Regis Kanai Resort, Riviera Maya and 180-room W Kanai Retreat have each announced a January 1, 2018, opening date.”

So yes, I did upgrade. Again. To the 4BR residence. They seemed extremely motivated to get my punta half share back but you can never really tell what they are up to. I will say that Dorothy and Karina are as good as anybody I have dealt with in real estate sales and that helped my decision.

Other tidbits:
Nuevo Vallarta: “The Park” is now to be used rather than “Celebrate” to discuss the theme park. First hotel to open 11/18, 2nd 11/19 and the third 11/20 which is completion date. Based on the video that shows its creators discussing the project, I was convinced that it truly will be the next generation of theme parks, wayyy above the Disney stuff. I showed the video to my 5 19 year olds that were with me and they all wanted to go. Pretty convincing. The highway connecting Guadalahara to PV is one year out and its opening will coincide with the opening of the theme park. I expect this to be explosive.

East Cape: Sales center on site. Soft opening 11/18. Grand Luxxe and above only. MOTW slides were shown and provided to me to take photos of but then the idea that MOTW will be there was retracted on day 2 of my sales pitch. Apparently, they must rebrand the hotel going in due to MOTW being defunct following the sale of the Argentina property.

San Jose Cabo: Hakkasan hotel as shown by Linda is going in where part of Grand Mayan was destroyed. The Beach club will be used by both entities.

Puerto Panasco: Nothing soon. Great plans are far in the future but this will be very interesting to monitor!

Aculpulco: Something new going in but undersold to me as their focus is GL.

Mazatlan: Nothing in the short future but I am suspicious of eventual investment there.
Terrific Actionslax. Great update! Interesting information about the Mansions of the World. Maybe the brand is not dead. At least we know it is in Argentina. And we were so looking forward to seeing Buenos Aires. It will be fun watching all the projects that are underway reach fruition. And there are a lot of them, for sure!!
In the meantime, we will all....Stay Tuned...!!
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