VidantaWorld - EPIK Park - BON Park? - at Vidanta Nuevo Nayarit

Grupo Vidanta oversees vast expanses spanning over 2,000 acres on the northern banks of the Ameca River in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, specifically in an area recognized as Nuevo Vallarta and as of June 21, 2022, renamed Nuevo Nayarit. This region, neither a town nor village, stretches along the beach north of the Ameca River's mouth up to the Flamingos Hotel, its boundaries remaining flexible.

A portion of Vidanta's property lies on the southern side of the Ameca River, adjacent to the Boca de Tomates road, running parallel to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport runway. The primary focus of development is on the river's northern side, bordered to the north by the village of Jarretaderas and to the south by man-made lakes, acting as flood abatement zones for the Ameca River.

Visitors access the area via a 2-mile entry road from Highway 200 leading to the beach resorts. A notable addition, officially introduced at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in August 2021, is the Sky Dream Gondola—a remarkable aerial people-moving system spanning approximately 2 miles end to end. This gondola facilitates access to VidantaWorld, recently branded as EPIK Parks and now the BON Entertainment Park, encompassing entertainment parks currently under construction both west and east of Highway 200 at the northern end of the Ameca River bridge. The Sky Dream Gondola system comprises five stations, with Station #4 situated at the entrance to VidantaWorld/EPIK Parks Phase One.

Grupo Vidanta recently unveiled its transformation into an Entertainment Development Company under the name of VidantaWorld, sparking speculation regarding the future development of resorts from raw land. Although specifics remain uncertain, VidantaWolrd is set to manage Phase One of EPIK or BON Entertainment Park sprawling over about 485 acres west of Highway 200 and additional land east of Highway 200. Foreseeing multiple operators overseeing various concessions and venues within the parks, they will establish pricing while VidantaWorld determines the general operational conditions for operators and guests.

As we eagerly anticipate the evolution of properties into finished products, timeshare contract owners can witness the transformation with awe. A Sneak Preview of Phase I is open for reservations between August 1 and November 12, 2023. To reserve, please contact Reservations at 1-800-292-9446 and mention promo code: PRIVATEREVIEW. Kingdom of the Sun reservations are also available. Subsequent phases will be unveiled as economic returns attract investment for the completion of diverse zones within the VidantaWorld Parks.

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