VidantaWorld - New Manager of "SkyDream Parks" in Vallarta

Grupo Vidanta controls over 2,000 acres on the north side of the Ameca River in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. The area is also known as Nuevo Vallarta, which is neither a town nor village. Instead it is an area that extends along the beach north of the mouth of the Ameca River to the Flamingos Hotel - about. The boundaries are not cast in stone.

Some of Vidanta's acreage is on the south side of the Ameca River and borders the Boca de Tomates road leading to the beach and runs along the side of the Puerto Vallarta international Airport runway. The bulk of the promoted development is on the north side of the river, boarded on the north by a village called Jarretaderas and on the south by man made lakes that reportedly serve as a flood abatement zone for the Ameca River.

All guests drive a 2 mile entry road that travels from Highway 200 to the beach resorts. A new addition that was officially announced at a ribbon cutting ceremony in August, 2021 are the Sky Dream Parks. These parks will be accessed by the new Sky Dream Gondola system. There are five stations, counting from the beach as #1. Station #4 is at the entrance to Sky Dream Park I.

Vidanta World is also a new name. It is an Entertainment Development Company, which seems to us to be another term for resort development. Regardless, Vidanta World will manage the 485 acre Sky Dream Park I. Although we are speculating, based upon our contracts, there will be many operators of the different concessions and venues withing the park. They will set prices, and Vidanta World will set the overall conditions operators and guests will live by.

In the meantime, those of us who own timeshare contracts will watch in wonderment as the properties evolve to become finished products. Phase I may open late 2022. You be the judge based on what you see today in our most current articles. The other phases will open when economic returns attract investment dollars that will pay for completion of the different zones within the Sky Dream Parks.

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