Leaving Puerto Vallarta on August 30, 2021 after the storm passes. Note the amount of water that collected on the Driving Range and Norman Course. It will be some time before the course is put together, and the Season will be upon us soon.

Nora Has Passed Puerto Vallarta - Bob's Comments

August 31, 2021

Twelve inches of rain in a day, as reported by Aimfair member Bob. He was staying in the Estates, and later he was moved to the Residence Tower. Water in the Estates side of the Ameca River became an issue Vidanta management was concerned about. Bob's wife correctly characterized the relationship between the South and North sides of the river:

Nayar side is Vidanta City....and....Jalisco (Puerto Vallarta) side is Vidanta Suburbs!

The Prior Big Storm - 2015
The last big storm occurred in 2015. The river went over its banks then and it did on August 30, 2021 as Hurricante Nora left the area. The following photos show the similarities:

The Ameca River in 2015 during Huricane Patricia. Shrubs were not planted then, and the river easily overflowed the banks.

The Ameca River in 2021 during Huricane Nora. Water was flowing onto the Norman Course during and after the storm. This photo shows less water on the Driving Range that the photo taken on August 30 when Bob and his wife left.

Estates Property - Lots of Water
Generally speaking, the "Vidanta Suburbs" (Estates) faired pretty well during the passage of Nora. A lot of rain fell, and the areas surrounding the Pods seemed to drain efficiently. The need for elevated walkways and cart paths is clear, though. There is little likelihood that walking paths between buildings will be anything but elevated.

The Estates Division property extends from the Ameca River on the North side to the Infrastructure buildings on the South side. Boca de Tomates road may be a borderline.

Norman Course - Flooded
Golf courses and facilities are another matter. It appears river water entered and left the driving range. You can see from the photo at the top of the page the driving range is now a "lake". Also, the two new holes north of Pod #1 are covered in water. Although Bob was able to play between downpours, and the Norman course was the only one he could play. The others (Nayar and Lakes) were too wet. As you can see from the following photo, most of the Norman course was covered by water when Bob left on August 30, 2021.

The Norman Course appears to be 60% to 75% under water. There are two new holes near Highway 200 are flooded. Hopefully the prep work done is not fully destroyed.

SkyDream Lagoons - Filled

SkyDream Parks are in the distance, so it is not possible to see any detail. However, what is clear is all the lagoons are full. Maybe the flood protection for Jarretaderas worked.

A driver crossing the Ameca River bridge took a video from his car. What is evident is the SkyDream Parks were definitely taken over by water. See below:

August 30, 2021 - Driving North across the Ameca River. Many surrounding Vidanta World - SkyDream Parks properties are flooded. Tap CC in the video for Closed Captions to view comments.

Estates Restaurants - Under construction
Bob provided us with the first impressions of the formal restaurant that will be located at the property. Our first impression is favorable. The interior is warm and roomy. It looks as though one of the big bay windows will look out onto the old driving range. That may mean something wonderful is planned for the area. Anyway, you can judge for yourself. Following are Bob's photos:

Interior of the new restaurant located at the Estates Pool area - under construction as of August, 2021.

High ceilings and lots of light are highlights of the new restaurants at the Estates. This photo was taken in August, 2021.

The large Bay Window lets in plenty of light. It will be fun to visit in November or December. Let's hope it is open by then.

New Pod Areas - Discovered When Leaving
What are these? Could they be the mysterious Imperial Jungle Agua Suites? These do not appear in any of the maps. We were told the Imperial Jungle Agua Suites are not part of the Estates project. Could the boundary line be the Boca de Tomates Road? Stay tuned...

New structures have appeared next to the runway. Are these the new Imperial Jungle Agua Suites? They are small footprints, so there is a possibility....

It appears there will be two separate "communities" and 16 buildings. Maybe the two sections will have their own pool area. Certainly there will have to be restaurants and other conveniences. Also, getting there will likely be by road - not through the Estates. What do you think? Stay tuned....

Puerto Vallarta sustained damage - but the city is now in recovery mode!
Puerto Vallarta suffered from the high amounts of rain too. A four plex building collapsed, and an unfortunate person perished in the accident. Also, a lady was unable to evacuate from her car as it was overcome by rushing water. The events during the storm were severe. You can view videos of the damage and events that took place by tapping the following link:

Time and lots of work will repair all the damaged areas. We are confident teams are working hard now to clean up the mess. Golf courses, driving ranges, lagoons and probably other low spots like the entrance to the SkyDream Park have a lot of drying out to do before work can once again begin in earnest. No pressure though....the new season opens in November. Wow, how time flies!!
Thank you Bob for your wonderful photos. They provide us with comfort in knowing the extent of the damage or possible damage Hurricane Norma may have caused. We will all...Stay tuned...
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