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Mansions of the World - Buenos Aires Property has been sold...
and the brand no longer appears on Grupo Vidanta's website.

Years ago, we discovered a video produced by Alfonso Baez Andrade and updated for YouTube on October 19, 2010. There were only 473 views of this video when we stumbled upon it. Click on the photo to view the video:

Grupo Vidanta is an investor in over 20 brands of resorts and other operations, including Mayan Resorts in Mexico, the Grand Luxxe in Mexico and the logos for the other brand names in the logo bar that appears above.

Currently, there are no open The Mansions of the World facilities. We have seen announcements from various sources. The most recent was a May 27, 2011 announcement by the Argentina Ministry of Tourism and published on at least three websites, that construction was scheduled to commence in June or July, 2011 on the first construction project for The Mansions of the World.

Construction on the Puerto Madero Dike One site actually commenced mid, 2012. In July, 2012 we heard equipment was on the site and clearing work had begun. In August, 2012, we heard there were over 200 workers on the site. One of the site engineers who works for CAPUTO, which is the name of the contractor that was hired to manage the construction process, said plans were to finish the project by the end of 2013.

Well, plans change. Not only is construction at a standstill. There was no equipment nor were there workers on the site on November 15, 2014. Recenty, Mansions of the World is not mentioned on the websites for either Grupo Vidanta or Vidanta.

This turn of events is graphic evidence of how difficult it is to predict the outcome of construction plans until they are actually complete. We all know the only constant in the world of Vidanta is change. You can read more by following the links that appear below:
Architectural renderings that appeared in July 2009 on monitors in the sales offices at Nuevo Vallarta indicated The Mansions of the World facilities were planned for Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya. That said, there can be no assurance that any will be built on these properties until Grupo Vidanta makes an official announcement.

The fact that Grupo Vidanta has posted a new page with photos on one of their websites called The Mansions of the World and in the material there is an address in Puerto Madero, there is no assurance the project will become a reality. Additionally, rumors are some Members of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club have been offered the opportunity to purchase rights to use an entire floor of Mansions of the World. Finally, the appearance of a video last updated in late 2010 now appears on YouTube.

Friends of ours recently have visited Buenos Aires, Argentina. They came back with glowing reviews and had a great time. Incidentally, they stayed at their Marriott timeshare, which was in the center of town.

Although we believe Agreements for Lodging Rights and Services plus any accompanying addenda may define the terms of use sold to members of Mansions of the World, we cannot confirm that now.
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The Grupo Vidanta International Sales organization creates many ways to configure offers to sell Lodging Rights agreements to prospective buyers.

Addenda specify additional benefits buyers may negotiate to include in their Lodging Rights agreements and can be valuable.

Terms of sales change with changes in the demand for and supply of the different levels of accommodations that become available to sell.

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