Beautiful Sunset from a Punta Tower deck....

Dale's Photos from Nuevo Vallarta

December 27, 2019

Dale sent us the following note:
We just arrived from Nuevo on Dec 22. I took some pictures that the members will enjoy. How best is it to send them? You told me a few years ago but I don't remember.

Thank you Dale for remembering us and sharing your terrific photos. Enjoy:

Christmas Settings, Displays and Lights

Entertainment at La Plaza

Progress at Celebrate Park - Views from the Park Gondola Station

Estates Pod and Golf Academy Building (The white one)

Note the Gondola Stantion in foreground and others in the fairways to the left.

Celebrate Park Resort Hotel (Description from Sales Floor wall map in the Grand Bliss)

Executive Golf Course

Sunset on the beach

Thank you Dale. These are wonderful photos and provide all of us with a glimpse of activity on Vidanta's Nuevo Vallarta property. Progress....with lots more to go....Stay Tuned....
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