Sunset over the new Mayan Palace Pool area. Yes, the lagoon to the right is new....

Beachland, Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta - Seen by Lynn

December 30, 2020

Lynn had a wonderful time during her recent vacation in Nuevo Vallarta. She was on the property when Beachland opened and was kind enough to share her many photos of not only Beachland but also her Skydream ride to The Parks/Vidanta World. This post is devoted to Beachland.

Based on her photos, there are several new areas:
  • Plaza Lagoon and Water Shuttle
  • Puerto Manjar (Formerly Costa del Sol, Costa Arena and Punta Arena) Restaurant.
  • Exclusivo Area.
  • Former Adult Pool Area - Pool remains but there is a new play area.
  • Former Mayan Palace Infinity Pool Area - Now has a new swimup bar and lots of lounges.
  • The expanded Exclusivo Area - Rentable for $2,000 MP per day, that includes $1,000 per day credit for food and drinks.
  • The Strand that extends from the end of Beachland designated area to the Grand Bliss pool.
  • Construction of the new shops - only a glimps but the structure is stout.

Following are Lynn's photos of Beachland and the surrounding area as of December 22 through December 27, 2020:
Plaza Lagoon and Water Shuttle

Plaza Lagoon is full of water again, after being emptied to allow construction to continue.

There is a new feature, which we will call a Water Shuttle. It crosses a new and submerged roadway in a new lagoon located between the Mayan Palace pool and the Grand Bliss pool. Yes, this is new.

The Water Shuttle is a fun new feature. Note: The shuttle is traveling torward Tower One. To the left is a new wall with lagoon water running over it.

The submerged roadway is below a new walkway to Beachland from the Grand Mayan and Grand Bliss Hotel structures.

Puerto Manjar (Formerly Costa del Sol, Costa Arena and Punta Arena) Restaurant

Puerto Manjar facilities are updated and look very appealing. Can't wait to try it out.

Beautifully updated restaurant. Food and service is said to be good as well.

Seating looks out on the beautiful beach and sunset.

Restrooms are updated too.

Vast improvement over what was there before.

Exclusivo Area

Entrance to the Exclusive Beachland Area next to Puerto Manjar.

The Exclusivo Beach Lounges - Semi-private beach lounges and facilities for rent.

The Exclusivo Beach Lounges - Located in front of the Beachland Pools.

The Exclusivo Beach Lounges - $2,000 US per day; $1,000 US per day credit for food and drink.

Former Adult Pool Area - Pool remains but there is a new play area.

Sit on swings at the Beachland Bar.

20-12-25 Beachland Wooded Area Lynn Doucette 131511 1200x850

Wooden lounges are located at the former exclusive grassy area, next to the Adult Pool.

A new play area for children has been created.

The new play area includes many structures and colorful areas.

This is an interesting area that is set up with lights for night use.

The wooden pathway provides a pathway from Puerto Manjar to the Exclusivo Beachland area.

More structures designed to keep youngsters happy and busy.

Former Mayan Palace Infinity Pool Area - Now has a new swimup bar and lots of lounges.

This pool is the former Mayan Palace infinity pool. Now has a massive swimup bar.

New lounges surround the pool.

The new Beachland (former Maya Palace) pool is popular.

The new Beachland Pool does have appeal.

The Balche Restaurant is open and popular.

Grand Bliss Pool and New Structures for restaurants and shops.

The new structures under construction took up a portion of the Grand Bliss Pool. Restaurants and shops will be next to the Grand Bliss Skydream Gondola station.

The Grand Bliss pool is pretty cozy.

The Grand Bliss pool continues to be popular.

The Beachfront Strand

This guest is walking from the Puerto Manjar restaurant onto the beach and to the head of the Strand.

Beach walkway to and from the Punta Pools. It is located located in front of the Puerto Manjar restaurant. Umbrellas are in front of the Exclusivo Lounge area.

Seating looks out on the beautiful beach and sunset.

Entrance to Mayan Palace Pool from the beach.

Closer view of the Mayan Palace Pool from the beach.

The strand to the Grand Mayan and Grand Bliss pools.

New energy that comes with new facilities and construction. Although the "Grassy Knoll" was beautiful, it did not allow for increased capacities. The new Beachland provides more space in a more concentrated way, which means more people and excitement.

There is more to come. Lynn took a round trip on the Skydream Gondola and has share her photos of that trip too. Very interesting, indeed!
Thank you Lynn for your wonderful photos. They answer many questions! Stay tuned....
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