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Beth and her family just returned from a wonderful trip to Riviera Maya

October 6, 2020

If you ever wanted to get a feel for Vidanta's property at Riviera Maya, well here you are. Vidanta Riviera Maya is highlighted in this series of photos. Interestingly, they were taken by Beth and her son in September, before hurricane Delta arrived in October. Bob M was there when the hurricane hit, and he sent photos of the property after the storm passed by. Fun comparison! Enjoy!!

A beautifiul sky to enjoy every day..

The beach is clean of Sargassum and very welcoming. However there are rocks, so be sure to put your footwear on.

The beach club is not far away.

Evening at the Salum. This is something Nuevo Vallarta will have too.

Another view of the beauty of evening venues.

One of many pools on the property. This is the Mayan Palace Pool..

The Grand Mayan pool is beautiful.

Another view of the Mayan Palace pool.

This view shows a small piece of a very large Lazy River..

The Lazy River completely surrounds the Jungala Water Park.

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Thank Beth and her son for this great photo update. BTW, Chris is next to Beth's son, not Beth....she says she doesn't do photos...lol

Thank you Beth for sharing your trip to Riviera Maya with us. Looks beautiful, and it is perfect for family vacations. Enjoy your stay and let us know how about your visit.
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