Mike loves Grupo Vidanta in Riviera Maya.

Mike Loves Vidanta Riviera Maya

April 21, 2021

Mike has visited both Vidanta Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallarta. He loves the properties as much as we do. His contributions to fellow Aimfairites to keep us all updated are terrific! Which location does he like most? The scale is tipped to Riviera Maya because Nuevo Vallarta is too large for his taste and the Riviera Maya coast along the Caribbean is beautiful. We can see why he prefers Riviera Maya through his photos. Enjoy!

The Beachclub overlooks the Caribbean. Beautiful setting!

Separate pools offer unique sunbathing opportunities in lounges that surround each pool area.

Lines form early in the morning to reserve preferred lounges and locations.

The Grand Luxxe Pool:

The Luxxe Pool is no slouch either.

Nothing better than experiencing Mariachi bands play poolside.

Elevated walkways are throughout the property:

Walking throughout the property is accomplished using a maze elevated walkways. Great for exercise. Otherwise, a shuttle system is available too.

The beach is beautiful and well appointed:

Enjoy lounging under a palapa in a suspended beach lounge.

Beautiful vegitation provides shade close to the water's edge.

Beachside seating is available in many different areas on the beach itself.

Palapas provide the shade for protection against getting too much exposure to the sun.

Regardless of the chosen seating area, the views of the Caribbean are beautiful!

Calls to enjoy sundown are made from the steps to the Salum

Salum is close to the beach and palaps.

Evenings are filled with music and entertainment.

The Joya Theater is colorful at night, with a moat surrounding the structure.

Entertainers use the moat for their fire baton show.

In addition the beautiful golf course that plays between the Mayan hotels:

Taking a break and enjoying a light meal at the golf course is on the list of things to do.

Vidanta Riviera Maya is very popular and beautiful. Members and guests living on the East Coast prefer Riviera Maya because of the Caribbean, the off-property attractions and smaller size of the hotel property. One can see why Vidanata Riviera Maya is so popular and loved by Mike through his photos.
Thank you Mike for taking the time to share your photos with us. Vidanta Riviera Maya is beautiful as seen through the eye of your camera.
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