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Grand Bliss and Bliss - Opening Soon at Riviera Maya

October 17, 2012

On October 8, 2008, we asked our our first question on the Owners Forum. "What is the Bliss?"

Four days later, Darcey and Anna sent in their answer:
Author: Darcey & Anna
Date: 10/12/2008 1:53 pm PDT

We just recently upgraded (Mayan Riviera, end of August 08)from the Grand Mayan to the Grand Luxxe condo (we are still considering the Villa). When we upgraded, we went back for 3 days and asked many questions, basically making pests of ourselves. There are several new Grupo Mayan products. I will list all that I can remember from low end to high end. This is what we were told and some things only may apply to the Mayan Riviera location.

1: Sea Garden (no more are to be built)

2: Mayan Palace Regency (no more are to be built)

3: Bliss, Bliss golf, Bliss Jungle (depending on location to the beach and golf courses). In Mayan Riviera, they claim they are turning some of the original Mayan Palace suites closest to the pools into Bliss and also building some new Bliss only buildings with a huge lazy river pool. All are basically upgraded and enlarged Mayan Palace Regency suites. All Grupo Mayan locations will be getting some of these new separate buildings.

4: Grand Mayan, Grand Mayan Golf, Grand Mayan Jungle MF $829 (depending on location to the beach and golf courses). They are still building more.

5: Grand Bliss, Grand Bliss Jungle MF $999 (some suites are upgraded and enlarged Grand Mayan suites that are the closest to the beach and pools). Some new buildings with only Grand Bliss close to the beach will be built with new pools and clubhouse.

6: Grand Luxxe Condo MF $1199, Grand Luxxe Villa MF $1299 (completely new buildings, all have ocean view and a new pool and clubhouse). They will all be facing the ocean with the entrances from the back, Grand Luxxe Condos in the middle with Grand Luxxe Villas on either side. The Villas have a nicer view as they have 3 balconies, 1 facing the ocean, 1 to the side and 1 on the corner having both views. The Grand Luxxe villa is larger with a 3rd room with the balcony to the side. Layouts are very similar to the Grand Mayan suites but larger and much newer/nicer with bigger kitchens and full size refrigerators.

If you own a Grand Luxxe you can use the facilities of any of the other types of units but not the other way around. Each type of unit will have its own clubhouse and pool for the use of that type's owners or from higher up the chain. The Grand Bliss get free internet in room, 6 hours free spa classes and 6 free rounds of golf per week. Grand Luxxe owners get free internet, 16 rounds of golf, free spa classes and 2 massages per week.

Hope this helps,

Yes, Darcey, it did help. Thank you.

So, four years later, we learn that the Bliss now has 21 buildings in Riviera Maya. We also see from Google Earth that there is a Bliss Jungle Bliss and Bliss Golf.

Grand Bliss - Riviera Maya Construction Site - Feb 24 2011
Bliss and Mayan Palace Buildings at Riviera Maya - Feb 24 2011

The image on the left shows the Grand Bliss construction site behind Grand Mayan Building 8. On the right, the photo displays 11 buildings closest to the golf course, 12 closest to the "new" Lazy River that Karen discovered in 2012, and 3 closest to the Grand Luxxe "Pods".

So, here is our bottom line: Four years ago, Darcey was told by Vidanta personnel that construction of a configuration of Bliss and other buildings was either about to begin or already under way. Today, almost four years later, almost to the day, Grupo Vidanta is preparing to open in Riviera Maya a new Grand Bliss building and 21 Bliss buildings.

Why is this so important? The Swine Flu, Economy and drug violence were just a few factors that kept many of us from visiting Mexico during the last four years. Yet, in spite of all the challenges, and there were many others, Grupo Vidanta is delivering what they said they would.

Pretty impressive, don't you think....?