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Upgrade Successful - High Fives to Robert and Rodrigo

October 21, 2012

Yes, the site is up and running.
Yes, there is a team working in your behalf to make sure your Aimfair.com site is secure and the foundation is strong.
The upgrade went smoothly. Actually, it all started in July when your technical team created a staged site where the upgraded program ran every day. Understanding the differences between the two versions is important and allowed us to smoothly move from one version to the other.
We mention this to let you know there are people who care about your experiences on Aimfair.com. They understand the system that interacts between we who create content and you who read it.
Granted, our real interest is in what is happening on all eight properties owned by Grupo Vidanta and what is happening to the contracts we own. Agreed! But, the only way we communicate is through the expertise and devotion of Robert and Rodrigo.
For that reason and many more to come, we say....High Fives to Robert and Rodrigo!
On we go....and Stay Tuned....