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Our Interview with Management....

November 18, 2012

We just returned from a great two week vacation at the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta.
You are probably well aware that the areas closest to the Ameca River are changing, impressively so.
Everyone seemed to have their own explanation about the final configuration, and no-one seemed to offer a consistent answer. So we asked for an interview with management. Following are the opening comments from our interview:
When we arrived last week, as you may know from our pictures, the Punta Pool area and area around Grand Luxxe Towers II and III were under construction with trucks and tractors everywhere. This was a surprise to many vacationers.
We asked for an interview with management to gain insight to the reasoning behind the changes. Here is a portion of what we learned:
  • The Punta pool area changed to accommodate the new navigable waterway that extends from the Punta pool area to the Spa tower pools.
  • The navigable waterway was built:
    • To protect the crocodiles and make sure they stay in their home, the river.
    • To create a fun way to move between the Punta Pool area and the SPA Towers pool area.
    • To increase the beauty of the property.

  • Heating the Punta Pools became an insurmountable technical challenge.
    • The only practical way to heat the pools was to reduce the size of the serviceable area.
    • That is why at 3:30 PM we saw the large Punta pool closest to the ocean being filled in with dump loads of dirt!!!!
    • Once the pools are reconfigured, the water in the remaining pools can be heated during the upcoming season.
    • The smaller pools with swim up bars remain in tact.

  • The Si Café’s new kitchen is now located underground near its previous site.
    • There will be 7 jacuzzis instead of the 4 we used to have.
    • The new jacuzzis will be located on top of Si Cafe structure.

  • There will be a new "fun" beach area on the sand below the navigable river, including volley ball and seating.
You can read all of what we learned by following this link: Our Interview with Management
We are grateful to members of the management team for spending time with us. Their comments and commitments are not only exciting, but they provide us all with a better understanding of the vision they see for their expanding presence in Neuvo Vallarta.
As we all take each step along the way to a completed project, we are fortunate to be part of something that will become renowned in the timeshare industry when the construction phases are done.
As always, stay tuned....