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Grand Luxxe Residence Club - Three Categories of Units

March 12, 2013

It was December 17, 2007 when we first became aware of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club. We visited the Grand Mayan at Nuevo Vallarta that day because it was clear we were outgrowing our current timeshare facilities, which was a Penthouse unit at Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Please do not hold that against us, but the two of our five children who joined us at that time had two children of their own, ages between four and nine months. Suddenly, the Penthouse unit became verrrrrry small. And.....Mary Ann and I had our own separate unit!

So, off we went to the Grand Mayan to see what we could learn.

Our pitch to the Grand Mayan sales staff was we would give them our unit if they would give us theirs. Sounded good to us, but, after they stopped laughing, they provided us with their newest product...presented on a piece of Xerox paper....called The Grand Luxxe Villa, which was offered by the Grand Luxxe Residence Club.

Its now a little over five years later. The inauspicious beginning from two designations of units (the Luxxe Suite and Luxxe Villa) is now up to ten. That is quite a line up.

The ten are offered in three classifications: The Residence, The SPA and the Villa. Here is how they break down:
  • The Residences:
  • The SPA Residences
    • Two and three bedroom units on the fifth through tenth floors of Tower IV A and B.
  • The Villas, which include the following:
    • The Presidential Villa and its components, the Exclusive Master Villa and the Exclusive Villa
    • The Luxxe Master Villa and its components the Villa Suite and the Jr. Villa
    • The Luxxe Master Suite and its components the Luxxe Suite and Master Room.
The Grand Luxxe Residence Club units are also offered in Riviera Maya, which was the plan and dream, but two years from when we purchased.

So, what do these reflections mean? First, there has been enormous change in the physical plant at Nuevo Vallarta since our first visit. Second, there has been enormous change in the Grand Luxxe Residence Club since our first introduction. Third, the options have expanded beyond our expectations. Fourth, there are growing pains with this new growth.

We are still very happy with the decision we made five years ago. Little did we know the ride we were in for would be as much fun to experience.
Enjoy the ride....and stay tuned!