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September 30, 2013

Vida Vibe is the official newsletter for Vida Vacations. It is informative and provides us with a glimpse of what we can expect during the next vacation season.

For example, here is a quote from the September 2, 2013 edition (http://www.thevidavibe.com/memories/-/blog/blog?entryId=306113):
Time sure does fly… we have enjoyed a wonderful summer season and look forward to everything the fall and winter have in store before we gear up for 2014, our 40th anniversary (but more on that to come later)! Summer officially comes to a close on September 22 with the fall equinox. For those who don’t know why equinoxes are particularly important to us in Mexico, the Mayans considered them sacred times. Ancient astronomers and architects created the El Castillo pyramid at Chichen Itzá so that during the equinoxes when afternoon sun hit the western balustrade, seven triangles would form creating a shadow that imitated the body of a 120 foot snake slithering down the steps until it reached the serpent head at the bottom of the stairs. It is an incredible site to see whether on an equinox or not!
With fall and winter come openings and we have a lot to introduce from La Plaza in Nuevo Vallarta with a gourmet food court, French restaurant and bar, ballroom and boutiques to Grand Luxxe Spa Towers, remolded clear lakes and so much more. As soon as opening dates are made official, you will be the first to know so keep reading the Newsletters and following your membership on social media!
The new season is fast approaching, and we look forward to sharing what we learn ourselves and from fellow members of Aimfair, the Grand Luxxe Residence Club and the other Vidanta resorts.

Nuevo Vallarta is in the lime light, but Riviera Maya, Puerto Penasco, San Jose del Cabo (East Cape) and Acapulco could be locations with news as well, especially given the fact that the developer will celebrate 40 years of growth and change in 2014.
You know what we are going to say....Stay Tuned....!