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Happy Holidays To All....

December 27, 2013

It has been a loaded Holiday Season for us, how about you? We think the lost week between Thanksgiving and Christmas had us moving fast and furious so we could be ready for the Holidays.

Time management seems to be the real key. Or, is it we are doing so much more today than we ever did in the past.

Regardless, the Aimfair Team wants you to know how much you are appreciated. That's right, you viewers. Your continued interest and support keeps us all going.

Of course, viewers would have nothing to see were it not those Aimfair members who continue to share what they see and hear with us. Their continued support is what makes Aimfair possible. Did you know that many have been following us and contributing since September, 2007, which is when we sent out our first post. Isn't that terrific! We are grateful so for that!

In the coming days, hopefully before New Years Day, we plan to post a new page to give recognition to those of you who have contributed comments and photos since 2010. Stay tuned....

It is fascinating to reflect upon the progress made both in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya. You will get a glimpse of the changes that have taken place since then.

In the meantime, we thank you all for making Aimfair possible. It has been wonderful meeting everyone during our trips. It has been wonderful seeing your comments. Hopefully, everyone will spend a small part of their vacations taking time out to say hello to other Aimfair members. You really are a wonderful group!!
Thank you and Feliz Año Nuevo!