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MEXorc Events in Puerto Vallarta - Mar 23 - 29,2014

March 6, 2014

Will you be in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta between March 19 and March 29, 2014? If so, you will be treated to the beautiful sight of sails on the Bay.

We just learned from TheMexicoReport.com website that the participants in the Mexican Ocean Racing Circuit sponsored race from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta will cross the finish line during the week. The race starts at the San Diego Yacht Club on March 13, and the last boat to cross the finish line will do so before March 22. If you are in San Diego, love to sail and want to participate in the kick-off festivities, then follow this link for more information: http://sdyc.org/pv/

Fleet Week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico begins the day after the race from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta finishes on March 23 and lasts through March 29, 2014.

Organizers expect between 50 and 70 boats with over 500 competitors, viewers and visitors to participate in long and short races, depending on the schedule for the day. Boats will range in size from 34 to 80 feet.

After the race activities are concluded each day, everyone is welcome to enjoy cocktails and canapes at Marina Vallarta provided by the many sponsors of this enjoyable week.

Read more on the MEXorc website: http://mexorc.com.mx/?page_id=97
If you are there, don't be shy....participate and report back to us.