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2016 - Happy New Year!

January 5, 2016

Now that 2015 is behind us, we see lot's of change on the horizon. In fact, the changes that took place on Vidanta's Nuevo Vallarta property between November 22, 2015 and January 4, 2016 are stunning!

Don't miss the light show, which we did not know about until our last night on the property:

Mercado Gourmet is opposite the Azur Restaurant on the third floor in La Plaza. Opened December 27, 2015 and presents a varied offering. Fun for the ladies in the audience.

The Greg Norman course is open - nine holes of real beauty.

Finally, the new long road into the property is controversial. Lots of concern about the length of time it takes to get on and off the property. Chances are, this is not a lasting situation. But in the meantime, is provides a very scenic view of the property.

Yes, there will be grumpy comments about being in a "prison" or management forcing guests to stay on the property. That said, the Nuevo Vallarta grounds, pools and facilities are world class. In addition, they will continue to improve throughout 2016.

So, let's all sit back and enjoy what we have and welcome 2016 with open arms. It will certainly be fun to see the next set of changes during our next visit!
We thank all of you who continue to support Aimfair and wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Cheers!!