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Vidanta Forum - Tourism To Mexico and The Park

April 29, 2018

Jssquared is a member of Aimfair. He brought to all of our attention an article published on the El Economista website on April 25, 2018. The translated version of the article is here.

The ties between developing the Park in Nuevo Vallarta and the Vidanta Forum to be held May 16 to May 19, 2018 at the Grand Vidanta Convention Center in Nuevo Vallarta stem from the basic premise that increased tourism to Mexico will help reduce the economic and social gap that exists between Mexico and North America. A book entitled Falling Behind written by Francis Fukuyama and published by the Oxford Press in 2008 discusses the question of whether or not politics and the defective institutions in Latin America have held the countries back from growing at the same pace as North America has since the 1700s.

Discussions held at the Vidanta Forum will be interesting, but in addition, we are likely to gain insight to new plans for the Park and updated opening dates. Following is the Google translated article referred to above:

Cirque du Soleil theme park in Nuevo Vallarta, with 20% advance
The theme park on Cirque du Soleil built by Grupo Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta (involving an investment of 1,300 million dollars) has a physical advance of 20% and the inauguration of the first phase is planned in a couple of years, he said. the president of the council, Felipe Ramírez.

The aforementioned opening date contrasts with that reported by the group itself in November 2014: "The amusement park will generate thousands of jobs in the state of Nayarit and has been designed to promote tourism in the region. Also, it is planned to be completed by 2018. "

After the presentation of the first Forum Vidanta tourism, development engine, the manager recalled that the park, which will redefine the concept of immersive entertainment, worldwide, is developed in stages, but did not offer more details on why the 20 percent advance.

When asked about the possibility of the president of Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Lamarre, opening or visiting the progress of the work on the occasion of his participation in the forum next month, he said that it is about different things.

An unprecedented forum
The business group, through its Vidanta Foundation and the collaboration of El Colegio de México, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), will hold a forum from May 16 to 19 the following thematic axes: diffusion of tourism and digital strategies, environment and sustainable tourism, Mexican gastronomy as a tourist attraction and creativity and culture: the ambassadors of Mexico in the world.

The inaugural message will be in charge of the president of Grupo Vidanta, Daniel Chávez. Among the guests is: Alejandro del Mazo Maza, National Commissioner of Protected Natural Areas

In his press release, the executive vice president of Grupo Vidanta, Iván Chávez, says that "aware of the impact that tourism has on the development of Mexico, through our Vidanta Foundation, it is a priority to generate a plural dialogue with world leaders, who let us know global trends and best practices as a solid path to innovation. "

For his part, the director of the foundation, Roberto Russell, mentioned in the presentation that the issue of insecurity is not part of the agenda of the forum, but will be addressed as part of the challenges and insecurities of the tourism sector.

"Insecurity gives a negative image of Mexico from the outside in some cases. We are very interested in touching on the forum the positive aspects that Mexico has, because many times it happens that putting the accent on the negative is unknown all the virtues and positive elements that the country has," he said at the press conference.


The Vidanta Forum presentations will be broadcast to millions of people. This will present a positive outlook for tourism in Mexico as well as provide additional information about the Park. Stay tuned....