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Aimfair Update Progress - Bumpy Road

After 12 years with the Tiki platform, we decided to upgrade to the newest version. Well, all the changes since 2010 are starting to show up as we move through the migration process.

We truly appreciate your patience. The project is well underway. As those of you who are Subscribing Members and have visited the Owners Forum have seen, there are weird, new posts appearing on the Forum, and they are not from fellow members.

The Internet is full of interlopers. Additionally, changes to previous settings do not always carry over to new systems, leaving little gaps in the foundation walls. Thank you interlopers for showing where we need to focus. While probing for openings, they found a way to access the Forum.

Rest assured the intrusions are not material - rather they show us where we need to tighten permissions and other settings. This inconvenience will last for a very short period of time (less than a day from now). We could take the Owners Forum offline, but then we would not have the benefit of seeing where the leaks are.

A frequently uttered saying comes to mind....This Too Will Pass....! Contact information is secure.


Bob and Mary Ann