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Disney or Vidanta?

I saw an interesting statement posted on Facebook today. It confirms what a lot of us say in person, but we never see it in print. Bottom line: this person's opinion is Grand Luxxe facilities and experience and price is superior to their experience at a Disney location in Hawaii. Here is the post:

An observation and opinion. We’ve been satisfied members for nearing a decade now. This summer we decided to do Disney’s Aulani resort in Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii. It is beautiful and we’re having a great time but also we are comparing it to Vidanta. Vidanta is winning , In Our opinion. Not as nice of restaurants here as Vidanta. Not as any pools or nighttime entertainment. Rooms are comparable. Travel time to Hawaii is a lot longer. The staff and people here are kind and gracious but nobody compares to the staff at Vidanta . The biggest kicker is prices!! One week here cost as much as an upgrade at Vidanta, and it’s only one week, not all inclusive either! I am so glad we belong to Vidanta.

Sure, we all have preferences, and they are not necessarily the same as the next person. That said, statements about how good we have it in Nuevo Vallarta or Riviera Maya at the Grand Luxxe Residence Club are more common than not.

What do you think? Are the facilities, services and overall experiences at Vidanta superior to those offered by other vacation options? Let us all know by leaving your comment below.