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Another Reminder From Grupo Vidanta - Beware of Con Artists

May 17, 2011

A reminder that con artists and scams are all around us was issued by Grupo Vidanta today. Beware! What sounds too good to be true is likely just that!

The most recent note starts with the following:

Dear Grand Luxxe Members:

Last month we wrote you to warn of members being contacted by persons fraudulently posing as agents or affiliates of Grand Luxxe. We are repeating that warning because the problem is continuing, not only for Grand Luxxe but throughout our industry.

These persons may pose as “outside agents” of Grand Luxxe, or they may claim to have been referred to you by us. They may offer “special promotions” or rental or resale services. Or they may change the payment instructions for your monthly payments or maintenance fees.

These are professional con artists who can be very convincing and can appear to be entirely legitimate. They may gain your confidence by having personal information about you or your contract. They may use a name, address or website that is very similar to the Grand Luxxe name, address or website but varies in just one digit in a P.O. Box number or bank account number, or one letter in a web address. They may even use our logos (without authorization, of course) on their written or web communications. They may assure you of the safety of your transaction by instructing that your payment be made to a “title company” or “Escrow” or other intermediary that is in fact just another name and address being used by the scammer....Click here to read the entire May 17, 2011 notice.

The reminder we received today is the 6th one we have received since June 22, 2010. Unfortunately, in times like these, such reminders are needed. Click here to read more information about Member experiences with scams.

We are an active group. Let's keep each other aware. Please do not hesitate to send us information about scams you may encounter. Send your information to [email protected].