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Mayan Palace Construction at Nuevo Vallarta

August 6, 2011

Wendy just returned from a vacation at Nuevo Vallarta and sent us all photos of the deconstruction of the Mayan Palace at Nuevo Vallarta and construction areas around the Grand Luxxe towers. Click on the photo to enlarge. Wendy's photos can also be seen in Photos and Videos.

This second photo of the Mayan Palace at Nuevo Vallarta shows the extent of its remodel construction.  It appears as though the building could be reduced to two or three floors.  Stay tuned.  Only time will tell. The Mayan Palace is closed for the summer as crews make substantial changes to the structure.  These changes are being made to improve views from Grand Luxxe decks. We call this the Reflection Pond.  It is very special place is great for gatherings.  Grand Luxxe members meet there Monday evenings to exchange ideas and get to know one another.  The Reflection Pond is located between the Grand Luxxe Tower I and II at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Interesting building because of the features on the top and third floors.  The top floor looks as though it will house the models, and the third floor might be the site for luxury shops.  Stay Tuned!! The Grand Luxxe Punta at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexioc may sport an extensive Lazy River type pool or attached pools from the Grand Luxxe Tower I.  Vacationing at the Grand Luxxe will become better experiences as crews finish the many construction projects that are underway at Nuevo Vallarta.

So far, we do not know what will take its place, although we see that the entire building will not likely come down. Rumor is the first two floors will remain. Also, the rumor behind the deconstruction project is the Mayan Palace was in the deck view of Grand Luxxe buildings.

Wendy sent us answers to a few questions too. These can be seen on the Current News page.

We all know the changes that take place on the various properties can sometimes be extreme and follow plans that very few know anything about. It appears we are experiencing a change, the reason for which remains confidential.

Regardless, as Grand Luxxe members, we all want the most favorable views and accommodations. Certainly they are well deserved because of the investment we all have made in our weeks.

As for the Mayan Palace brand, we speculate that it is unlikely the brand will cease to exist in the short run. As of our June survey of the market for Grupo Vidanta timeshares, there are over 5,400 Mayan Palace weeks for rent or sale, of which over 4,400 are offered through 4 companies.

Third party purchases are the ways most experts in the timeshare industry believe timeshare interests should be bought. With the large number of Mayan Palace units available and the reduced space at Nuevo Vallara, there are likely many more changes on the horizon.

Thank you Wendy, and let's all stay tuned....