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Its Our Fourth Day....Way Too Fast....Time Passes!

March 28, 2012

Just returned from a terrific dinner at The Burger Custom Made at the Punta. It offers a number a number of tasty items, all the way up to Kobe Beef burgers. Our choice tonight was the bacon wrapped shrimp burger (We will get the name later.), and it was the greatest! Sharing the burger and spinach salad was all we needed to enjoy our dinner for two. Of course, desert was offered. For that we ordered two Irish Coffees, one decaf and one regular. These were very tasty!

We are four days into our seven day vacation and it has been active to say the least! Greg and Sue observed that we come to vacation and all we do is "work". Well, work is not really the operative word. We started Aimfair.com to provide a way for Grand Luxxe members to stay updated. It is a responsibility we are happy to assume.

Our "work" included walks all over the property and off. These are great fun! Visiting new restaurants on the property as well as offsite is educational because we get to meet the owners of these restaurants. Meeting new people, some of whom are Aimfair members and many who are not. Chance meetings with members of the Vidanta staff, including the Executive Chef, who is responsible for all Vidanta restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta.

We also enjoyed a visit the Call Center. This was a real treat and chance experience too. We will compile our notes and share them with everyone after we get them organized. Eye opening and very impressive, to say the least!

On Tuesday, we visited a Grand Luxxe Villa unit on the ninth floor of the Grand Luxxe Tower III. We saw this unit last November too. It is a great model unit because of the view and high deck ceilings and the colorful furnishings and upholstery. We are returning tomorrow to take photos to share.

Oh yes, we cannot forget to mention the ocean and Punta Pools. The ocean is about 75 degrees and the Punta Pools are a bit warmer. No, the Punta pools are not heated, as we reported in our recent post to Current News. However, more and more people are enjoying themselves in these beautiful pools. In fact, the swim up bars had customers too.

More to come.