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Easterly View From Grand Luxxe Tower I

April 14, 2012

What keeps us coming back?

Dave Osborne pretty much sums it up with his two most recent photos. He loves the views....

NE View from Luxxe Tower I - March 31 2012
NE View from Luxxe Tower I - March 31 2012

In a year and a half or maybe sooner, there will be pools where the river bends. There are foundations for a few of the features in place now. We understand this will become a centralized pool area for all members, their family members and guests of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club. The buildings that will have closest access to these pools will be the Grand Luxxe Tower IV A and B, since they are at the end of the current string of towers. Tower V will be located in this area as well, but we do not know exactly where yet.

Also, we hear there will be a roadway that runs along the river. There may even be walkways too. If true, this will become a popular way to access the beach and other features the property will offer.

BTW, we asked about access to the beach from the new pool area. The person we were talking with pointed toward the other branch of the Ameca River. Where the Bahia de Banderas and the Ameca River meet on the southern side of the Bird Sanctuary is the future location of the Beach Club.

Periodically, we receive emails from Aimfair guests that raise questions about the legitimacy of the programs offered by Grupo Vidanta. You know, the questions that we all have when we are asked to spend large sums of money on contracts that allow members to use the property. They are scary commitments, for sure. But the bet we have made is Grupo Vidanta is committed to making the Grand Luxxe Residence Club a Five Star Resort.

With that in mind, we look forward to seeing the plans we hear about become reality.

In the meantime, we will continue enjoying photos sent to us by Dave and other members who continue to share their experiences with us.

Thank you Dave and all who have contributed....