Member Getaway Weeks

Welcome to our new short term rental service.

It is called "Member's Getaway Weeks" and it offers Aimfair.com Members a way to let all viewers know that an expiring week is available for rent.

A Member's Getaway Week is...
  • A week that will otherwise go unused because guests are unable to travel for one reason or another.

  • A week that will expire in less than 30 days from the arrival date.

  • A week that is verified by an existing reservatioin number.

  • A week that may or may not have rigths to golf and massage privileges.

How does it work?
  1. Members enter into a listing agreement with Aimfair.com.

  2. Aimfair.com manages the advertising, communication and documentation.

  3. Members set the listing price and accept or reject all offers.

  4. Aimfair.com collects and distributes all rental proceeds.

  5. Aimfair.com charges a contingency fee of $100 USD, which is deducted from the collected proceeds.

  6. Subscribing Members have unlimited use the Member's Getaway Week feature.

  7. Registered Members pay to Aimfair.com a $50 USD listing fee for each week that is available. The $50 USD lising fee is credited against the Aimfair.com contingency fee if the week is rented.

Where is the value?
  • It is a Win - Win proposition:

    • The Member with the space receives a rental fee for allowing a Purchaser of the Member's Getaway Week to use the week.

    • The Purchaser of the Member's Getaway Week gains immediate access to an exitsing reservation without having to make plans or be member of a resort.

  • Members vacationing at the resort where Member's Getaway Weeks are available can secure the week for friends and family without using their own weeks.

  • Viewers who want to experience the resort can do so on short notice.

  • Viewers living in areas near the resorts where Member's Getaway Weeks are available can enjoy a vacation on short notice.

  • Many other circumstances may arise where a Member's Getaway Week can be used by Members and non-Members alike.

If you are interested, contact us a the above referenced email address and type Member's Getaway Weeks with the date in the subject bar.

We will immediately reply and move on your request.

This should be a lot of fun for everyone.
Email us to book a Member Getaway Week or Weeks at: [email protected]
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