The Crandells having fun on the beach a few years ago...

Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Property Update from Lisa

November 30, 2020

Lisa and her family are in Nuevo Vallarta now having a great time. Here is her report:

Good morning Bob and Marianne, I am going to attach some photos from my morning walk in Nuevo. Lots happening down here and now they say the new area will be open December 21. We shall see but lots of progress is being made especially in some of the areas.
If you don’t mind posting that’s fine with me otherwise I can do it when I get home. Thanks for your help and I hope this is some good information for owners. I will send more soon.
Best to you both,

Not sure what this building will be yet...

This is the area by the bliss pool. Been wondering what is going to be on that large platform that faces the ocean, this morning someone told me it was going to be a water area with a fountain not sure if a pool or not but I bet it will be beautiful walking off the gondola to this area

This is part of the old Mayan Palace Pool.

This is part of the old Mayan palace pool. No water yet.

Estates members - the old adult pool for Luxxe members.

This is the old adult pool which is close to being ready and I believe it would be for Estates only.

Also part of the old Luxxe Adults only pool. Now for Estates owners.

This is the area down from Punta next to the old adult pool. Again Estates only

The Luxxe Adult Pool has expanded and is an Estates only pool area.

These structures are for the use by Estates Owners Only.

Estates owners lounge area.

Again Estates owners lounge area.

This is further down the beach toward the Grand Mayan and Grand Bliss pools.

This is further down the beach just before the Bliss pool. Looks like they may have food trucks in the area for things like smoothies and pastries etc.

The new renovations seem to be well thought out. They are even making a permanent walkway from Punta down to the beach that we all have been wanting for many years! Hopefully they will add someplace to wash your feet off :-)

Walkway being built to the ocean from the Punta.

Another view of walkway to the ocean from the Punta.

Everything looks very inviting. Certainly lots of change going on!
Thank you Lisa for these terrific photos. Makes us feel we are actually there. Won't be long...
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