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Property views at Nuevo Vallarta in November, 2020.

Construction and Cleaning at Nuevo Vallarta Continues

November 15, 2020

Occupancy is down because of an abundance of caution and regulations imposed by the state and local government administrators. This lack of crowds makes the facilities attractive to visit because of reduced densities. Guests who are on the property are generally impressed by the health protocols Vidanta mangagement has implemented.

At the same time, Vidanta management is taking the opportunity to clean up the waterways while the BeachLand and other beach front construction projects are moving forward. It is interesting to see so many waterways empty. This is the first time we have seen all of them dry.

It will also be interesting to see what happens to the waterway that extend to the Punta end of the lagoon. Given that there were large pipes and conduits installed during March, chances are the waterway will remain. The whole property is an amazing engineering accomplishment.

Following are photos taken by members who shared them with us. The beachfront property is definitely changing.

The Lakes Course is under repair as are the waterways.

The Plaza pond is being cleaned and repaired too. It definitely needed cleaning when we were there in March, 2020.

More improvements on the Lakes Course. How many golf balls do you think they found?

The traditional Christmas Tree will not be in the Lagoon this year. Instead, it will be in the cart circle.

This photo is interesting because it shows the extent of the work across the lagoon from the Plaza. Note the elevated walkway where the Mayan Palace pool used to be located.

We all know there are changes to the beach area in Nuevo Vallarta. Tap here to view how the beach area looked in June and here to see how it looked in August, 2020.
The BeachLand development will be for the exclusive use of Estate owners and guests. Seems like a long way to go to get to the ocean from the Estates. It will be fun to see how the Estates Division meets or exceeds expectations. What do you think? Meet? Beat? Or miss? Stay tune...
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