Estates Pod #2 in Jalisco - Under construction

Pod #2 in Jalisco - All 4 Bedroom Estates Suites

May 20, 2021

A new Estates floor plan: Empire Estates. Four bedrooms. A single floor unit. Will these only be in Pod #2 in Jalisco? Or, will these also be located in other Estates buildings as well? We don't know know, and if you do, please leave your comment.

We call the new Estates building that is under construction west of the first building Pod #2. We were told that this building will be devoted to single floor 4 Bedroom Estates Suites. Do you think the company differentiates between the two four bedroom floor plans by calling the single floor design the Empire Suite? We don't know what the two story floor plan is called, other than an Estates Four Bedroom suite. Let us know if you do.

Here is what we know:
  • The new four bedroom unit is on one floor.
  • Estates Pod #2 will have a total of 18 units in it, all four bedroom units.

The floor plan fits nicely into Pod #2. All four bedroom units in Pod #2.

Here is what the renderings show:
  • The Estates Empire renderings imply the interior will be the most formal of all interior designs.
  • The unit appears to be smaller than the two story design.

Deck spans the front of the unit. Note the entry to the unit opens to a foyer.

The living and dining space appears to be very lovely, but formal.

The Master bedroom is the largest of the four and is at the interior side of the unit.

The unit includes a Massage Room, complete with table and towels.

The deck is spacious and geared for outside dining.

The pool looks to be a perfect size. Make sure you watch over all toddlers!

Plans are to finish construction by the end of the year. We can hope that will be the case, but history suggests that goal is ambitious. Regardless, it is very likely we will see these units open a year from now.

The value in the Estates is in the concentration of a relatively few units in an area that is completely new and apart from the original development. The cost of building luxurious units in a new area is spread over a relatively small number of buildings and accommodations. In addition, amenities, infrastructure, water, sewage treatment, housekeeping services and many other fixed costs must be covered by the cost of each contract. Granted, there are marketing costs too. Is there value here? It is in the eyes of the beholder!
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