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Sunday April, 21 2024,
Member Reviews
The Estates Experience at Riviera Maya | Monica D's Review
The Estates at Riviera Maya is now open. Make your reservations now. From Monica's review below, it is a place we all want to experience. Here is what Monica had to say: We just returned from a fun and relaxing week at the brand new Vidanta Estates in Riviera Maya. It’s been open to a limited number of guests for only a few weeks, and we were thrilled to be among the first families to be...
Thursday April, 4 2024,
Current News
BON Luxury Entertainment Park Phase One - Open Tuesdays After April 4, 2024
We received word from a Vidanta Member who visited the BON Park on April 3, 2024, that Phase One would close as of April 4, 2024. This would make sense because so many construction projects need to be finished for the next season. Instead, the Park will be available one day per week on Tuesdays throughout the summer. Good news for summer visitors. Phase One of the BON Park opening consists...
Monday March, 11 2024,
Member Reviews
Kingdom of the Sun - Nino's Update
Nino has arrived in Nuevo Nayarit and is ready for a relaxing time. During the first couple of days, he explored the Kingdom of the Sun area and building. Here is what he had to say: We’re having a great time in Nuevo. I snuck into the Kingdom of the Sun building today. Below are some pics. Phase 2 of the Kingdom should be completed in a few months. You can see the Presidential Lofts at...
Friday March, 8 2024,
Current News
East Cape | Update | Alex
Alex is an Aimfair Member who spent a week in San Jose del Cabo and visited East Cape. He took photos and shared them with us. He reported the building has completed 20 rooms. Occupancy may open in June, 2024. There are a number of projects under construction in addition to completing the building. A salt water pool that may be used for snorkeling is under construction. It will also be a...
Thursday March, 7 2024,
Member Reviews
East Cape | Update | Lance
Interesting review from Lance. He is in San Jose del Cabo and sent the following: Hola right back at ya’, Bob: I have been to East Cape and took lots of photos. As I understand it, the front part of the building at East Cape will be open quite soon. It is about a 20-25 minute drive from Los Cabos (although riding along in a convertible that ate up the miles, I could be wrong about that...
Saturday February, 24 2024,
Current News
Four Bedroom Estates | Beware of the Stairs
We love the Estates Four Bedroom Suite. It is one of our favorites! The Four Bedroom Estates offers a luxurious four-bedroom suite on the South side of the Ameca River within the Estates compound. It is a stunning and sophisticated unit that everyone should consider renting whenever possible. As the Chief Experience Officer at Aimfair.com, I feel it's crucial to watch this video to...

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