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Tuesday June, 25 2024,
Current News
Earthquake News | Puerto Vallarta | 4.0 at 11 PM June 24
Did you feel it? A 4.0 magnitude earthquake will normally get your attention. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It has such a reputation for earthquakes that some folks from the Midwestern and Eastern states are cautious about visiting the West coast. Puerto Vallarta is no stranger to earthquakes either. It is located in a seismically active region, averaging about 48...
Thursday June, 20 2024,
T - Possible Scams
Caught | Bookings Holding | Potential Scam
“Hello, may I speak with Mr. Robert Jones?” Is how the phone call I received this morning started out. The caller said she was from Priceline, and she wanted to discuss our interest in participating in an affiliates program with their company. I had submitted information to a company that now owns VRBO to learn more about their program. I thought I sent the inquiry to the right company, but...
Saturday June, 15 2024,
Current News
How To Series | Logging In to Aimfair
Logging into Aimfair has changed. The new process brings Aimfair into the new world of technology. For error free logins, first check your browser's Bookmark URL for Aimfair. Change the bookmarked URL to http://aimfair.com. Favorite Bookmarks do not automatically update. We do not point to any other page but aimfair.com. You don't have to put an "s" after the "p" in "http" nor do you have...
Wednesday June, 12 2024,
Member Reviews
Riviera Maya | Estates | Nino's Update
Pat and I returned home this Monday after spending two very nice weeks at Riviera Maya. We spent the first week in a one bedroom Estates unit; and the second week in a four bedroom loft unit. We had a great time overall. Our best friends joined us for the second week. The following is a summary of our trip: - The Estates Units were beautiful - especially the four bedroom loft. It is...
Tuesday June, 11 2024,
T - Possible Scams
360 Global Trades | Potential Scam | Own Shares in Desarrollo Marina Vallarta?
Here is a scam that has been around the block since 2021 and before. The alleged company is called 360 Global Trades. The domain (360globaltrades.com) is 194 days old, it was created on 2023-11-30, it expires on 2024-12-01 and it was last updated on 2023-11-30. Here is our Aimfair Member's comments: We just so happened to answer our phone (we get 2-3 marketing calls a day about our...
Sunday June, 9 2024,
Member Reviews
Estates Comparison | East Cape | Nuevo Vallart/Jaliso
Comparing Vidanta's 4-bedroom estates in Nuevo Vallarta with those in East Cape involves evaluating several factors such as location, amenities, design, and overall experience. Here’s a detailed comparison: * Location and Setting ** Nuevo Vallarta: *** Situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast within Riviera Nayarit. *** Known for its lush vegetation, proximity to Banderas Bay, and vibrant...

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