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Thursday September, 28 2023, Bob Jones
Current News
BON Park Update
Thank you, Nino! There is a lot of progress at the BON Entertainment Park in Nuevo Nayarit, Mexico and more rumors. Nino sent us updated photos. It will be interesting to see the venues in person in November. Comments from Nino's source suggest the relationship between Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta may be suspended or ended. That may be true in general because Cirque du Soleil suffered...
Saturday September, 23 2023, Bob Jones
Current News
Is VidantaWorld A Destination?
The concept of VidantaWorld emerged in 2019 when Vidanta released architectural plans showcasing development possibilities for a substantial stretch of land running parallel to Highway 200, from the Ameca River to the entrance of Jarretaderas, Nayarit. Originally conceived as an entertainment park, with names like "Celebrate Park" in early consideration, the project evolved over several...
Tuesday September, 12 2023, Bob Jones
Current News
You be the Judge - Continued
In the first article, we discussed an email we received from a person who stated her name could be found in the California Bar Association website as a bonafide lawyer whose license was inactive. Her name is also listed in LinkedIn, that included background information. Of course, none of the background could be corroborated without digging further. Read You be the judge....Here. The latest...
Wednesday August, 23 2023, Bob Jones
Current News
You be the judge - Go or No Go?
What’s fun about Aimfair? Access to updates? Seeing properties morph into beautiful spaces? Spending memory building vacations at the properties we can all access? Meeting the many satisfied or not owners of Vidanta contracts? All the above!   What’s not fun? Scam calls. Constantly being on the defensive when receiving emails and calls from people we don’t know.   Well, here’s an...
Tuesday August, 22 2023, Nino Silvestri
Member Reviews
Our Impression of the Sneak Preview at the Park
We received another review of the Sneak Preview of the Park - call it Epik or BON - you chose. Here are Nino’s comments: Great review Nino. Thank you. Terrific photos too. Wonderful to see the progress being made, but also interesting to see how much more there is to go. Incredible. The Park will certainly be a draw in Mexico.
Monday August, 21 2023, Bob Jones
T - Possible Scams
Bonus Week Notice from Vidamembers.com.mx
Wow! We must be high on everyone’s list. We just received an important notice from Vidamembers.com.mx reminding us that we have Bonus Weeks we have not used. Here is the notice: Here is what we found: *Domain Name: vidamembers.com.mx *Created On: 2023-08-18 *Expiration Date: 2024-08-18 *Last Updated On: 2023-08-18 This domain is only 3 days old. But, the notice we received has been...

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