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Tuesday September, 27 2022, Bob Jones
Current News
Vidanta's reach is growing. From a resort developer to an entertainment venue developer. The new venue in Nuevo Vallarta may open Phase One as early as December, 2022 in the form of a long awaited and touted entertainment park. This project has taken many years to reach fruition, as it is very ambitious. Many new towers, entertainment rides and restaurants and shops are all under construction...
Monday September, 26 2022, Bob Jones
Current News
Islas Marias - New Vidanta Tourist Destination?
More news about Vidanta's expanding business as an operator of tourist attractions appeared today in an article highlighting Islas Marias and Mexico's most feared prison. We featured an article in that appeared on March 17, 2019 about Islas Marias and Playa Espiritu, which is a 2,500 hectare beach property purchased in 2007 by the Mexican government as a tourism development. We speculated at...
Friday September, 23 2022, Bob Jones
Current News
Earthquakes Felt in Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta
There was a pretty large earthquake reported in Michoachán on Monday, September 19, 2022. It was felt in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. Then a second one occurred on Thursday, September 22 and another today, September 23, 2022. After corresponding with Vidanta representatives this afternoon, we can confirm that there was no reported damage to the resort structures. Also, today’s...
Wednesday September, 21 2022, Bob Jones
We all own Timeshare contracts of one kind or another. These contracts are prepaid vacations, and should be viewed as having the greatest value through use of the facilities in the contracts. They are binding agreements that often times are entered into at a vulnerable time - vacationing in beautiful places. It is very easy to see the future filled with uninterrupted visits to these beautiful...
Monday September, 19 2022, Bob Jones
News From Vidanta
The newest video released by Grupo Vidanta features a relationship with an entity close to home. The San Francisco Giants and Vidanta Resorts have entered into a marketing relationship. We are thrilled because the Giants are in our backyard. The San Francisco Bay Area has so much to offer that relationships with non-local entities become lost. This is true especially for vacation options....
Thursday September, 15 2022, Bob Jones
T - Possible Scams
A New Scam - Old Story - Vidanta is going public
From Jimandshiela: From Tom and Karen: Our conclusion: Thank you for your note and letting us know about this potential scam. There are a number of Global Investment Group companies, some of which are reportedly scams. There is no evidence that Vidanta is going public. At least, it will not offer rights to its members without full disclosures. Very strict securities laws govern the...

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