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Mazatlan is home to the first resort developed by Grupo Vidanta.  The Sea Garden and Mayan Palace Resorts are now located in Mazatlan.  Thanks Don for your photo of the Mayan Palace at Mazatlan.
Mazatlan is home to the first resort developed by Grupo Vidanta. The Sea Garden and Mayan Palace Resorts are now located in Mazatlan. Thanks Don for your photo of the Mayan Palace at Mazatlan.
Mazatlan is one of the more famous vacation locations in Mexico. However, according to All About Mazatlan - The City Guide, the city is diversified in its revenue sources and activities than other cities that cater to tourism. According to the All About Mazatlan - The City Guide explanation, the vacation experience is more relaxing. The hype from timeshare sales staff is not as frantic as it is in other tourist locations. If true, this could be a great place to spend a vacation.

All About Mazatlan - The City Guide provides many interesting suggestions for keeping busy. Truly a great resource for those traveling to Mazatlan for a vacation.

An alternative site that describes the arts, entertainment and lifestyle in Mazatlan is called MazatlanLife. We found it informative, dynamic and full of enthusiasm. You can find it by following this link: Mazatlan Life. The link is http://mazatlanlife.com/walking-tour/. The publisher is Shiela Madsen, and the site is her passion.

Vidanta Resorts in Mazatlan
Vidanta Resorts has a limited presence in Mazatlan, even though it is the birth place of Grupo Mayans' Vidafel and Pariso Mazatlan brands of resorts.

Mayan Resorts operating in Mazatlan are the Mayan Palace and the Sea Garden. Both are smaller and more intimate resorts than their brethren in the other cities with resorts.

This may be changing. On March 3, 2017, the Sales Department stated construction of a new tower at Mazatlan Plaza is scheduled to begin on or before June 3, 2017. Nothing more has been released. Stay tuned....

Owners Corner/Current News - Mazatlan
We noted that we did not have the privilege of posting information or photos that have come from Vidanta Members. Don read about our interest in the Sea Garden at Mazatlan and sent us some great information at photos. Take a look at Don's Mazatlan Sea Garden for his view of what he felt was a great place to stay. We encourage any comments you may have. Photos are always welcome.

Mazatlan seems very laid back and relaxed. Maybe the reason we do not hear anything about the area is because no one wants be accused of ruining a good thing!

Golf in Mazatlan
Golf in Mazatlan is limited, although we have not explored courses in the surrounding areas. According to All About Mazatlan - The City Guide:

Mazatlan has two high caliber Championship Courses and an older 9 hole course at which a round of golf is very affordable.

The waterfront course at Estrella del Mar on Stone Island is likely to become one of your favorite Mexican courses. Estrella del Mar is situated along the shores of the Pacific ocean and is surrounded by a new resort development. The setting is very tropical, very exotic. This picturesque 18 hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. This course is accessible by a road very close to the entrance to the airport. Open to the public.

The El Cid championship course features 27 challenging holes of golf, designed by Lee Trevino. This beautiful course is situated in the heart of the Golden Zone and is surrounded by the El Cid marina. The course at El Cid is open to the public only during the off season or on a limited basis during high season - call ahead fro reservations.

The third course in Mazatlan is Club Campestre Golf and Country Club. This is an older nine hole course, that leaves much to be desired, but for $15.00 U.S. per round you can hardly complain. The "Country Club"? I think there was something lost in the translation of that term. Take a taxi, as it is not very easy to find.

For details, please view the following links:

Golf is limited in Mazatlan. Even so, there seems to be enough facilities to suit everyone who travels there.

Groceries and Where to Find Them
Clck this link for Grocery Shopping near the Mayan Palace. You will find large format stores (Sam's) to local shops. Let us know what you find out.

Medical Facilities
Click here to see a link to Mazatlan Emergency and Medical facilities. Don't forget, the resort has an excellent medical presence too.

Mazatlan seems to be a wonderful place to spend a vacation. We look forward to doing so soon.