Vidanta Resort Properties

We are aware of seven properties with resorts that have been discussed in the media, are currently under construction or are in operation. It appears Mansions of the World is no longer a brand owned by Vidanta (September 7, 2015)
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An additional property is under construction. This property is referred to as East Cape, and it is located near San Jose del Cabo. One building is under construction, albeit work is not at a very fast pace. Also, we have posted photos of Greg Norman surveying the location for placement of a golf course. This property will not likely be finished before the opening in The Park in late 2020.

Puerto Vallarta is the only city with only one resort.

The cities with known properties are as follows:


Resort Status

Status of Acapulco Resorts
- Grand Luxxe Residence Club...... No construction yet. (Dec 7, 2012)
- Grand Bliss...... No Grand Bliss units offered yet. The new tower is open and appears to offer Mayan Palace Regency units. Opened in 2015. (April 24, 2015)
- Grand Mayan...... Available and in operation.
- Mayan Palace...... The new tower is open and is the Mayan Palace Playa. Two Mayan Palace options: Mayan Palace Playa (on the beach) and Mayan Palace Golf (inland, near the golf course). Mayan Palace Playa opened in 2015. (April 24, 2015)
- Sea Garden...... Available and in operation during most of the year. Perhaps it closes during the height of the summer months.
- Mayan Island Real Estate...... Operating and available to sell real estate at most resort locations.
- Copra Golf Course...... Operating 18 holes, par 72 and 6,156 yards.

Mazatlan Status of Mazatlan Resorts
- Mayan Palace...... Available and in operation during most of the year. Perhaps it closes during the height of the summer months.
- Sea Garden...... Available and in operation during most of the year. Perhaps it closes during the height of the summer months.
- Construction Status.... On March 3, 2017, we learned from the Sales Department that Vidanta plans to start construction of a new tower at Mazatlan Plaza on or before June 3, 2017. This would represent the first new construction on the property in more than 20 years. Stay tuned....

Nuevo Vallarta Status of Resorts at Nuevo Vallarta
The Grand Luxxe Residence Club...... The Club offers seven primary floor plans in Nuevo Vallarta, subject to levels of ownership. These do not include the four floor plans in the new Estates Division. The buildings for this new division are under construction on the south side of the Ameca River.

Existing floor plans are located in ten open towers. Tower Six is the eleventh tower, it is currently under construction and may open late 2019.

All the towers are located along the banks of the Ameca River. Tower Five B has 32 Villas on the corners and 32 Suite Condos in between. The Penthouse Floor has four Loft 3 BR Suites and four Loft 2 BR Suites. Tower 6 will be devoted to Luxxe Royal Suites. These will be 1 BR and 2 BR Suites. Reservations are open for 2020 and beyond. (Sales Department - June 23, 2019).

The eight available floor plans in Nuevo Vallarta are as follows :
Ten open towers are located along the banks of the Ameca River, one is under construction and scheduled to open late 2019.
  • Luxxe Tower I (February, 2010) Luxxe Villas and Suite Condos.
  • Luxxe Tower II (November, 2010) Luxxe Villas and Suite Condos.
  • Luxxe Tower III A (November, 2011) Luxxe Villas and Suite Condos and Loft Residences.
  • Punta Building: Presidential Villa and components, Exclusive Master Villas and Exclusive Villas, opened in the Punta (November, 2011).
  • Luxxe Tower III B (November, 2012) Luxxe Villas and Suite Condos and Loft Residences.
  • SPA Tower IV A and B (November, 2013) Luxxe Villas and Suite Condos and Loft Residences and SPA Suites.
  • Residence Tower:
    • Two units per floor in two, nine floor towers - Resort Side and River Side - in one building. Eighteen units per side, a total of 36 units in the Residence Tower.
    • Living space decks face West. Bedroom decks face East.
    • Opened Resort Side on December 27, 2014. River Side Tower opened in November, 2015. (Update as of December 8, 2015)
  • Tower 5A - Opened November, 2016. The building has 18 Loft 1 BR units (Penthouse Lofts) and 126 Luxxe Studio Lofts available for member use.
  • Tower 5B - Opened December, 2017. The building has Master Suite Villas and Master Suite Condos on the lower floors and two story, 2 and 3 BR Loft Residences on the Penthouse floor.
  • Tower Six - Under construction. May open late 2019. Units in the building will be a new floor plan called Luxxe Royal Suites. These are one bedroom and two bedroom suites. (June 23, 2019)
- Grand Bliss...... Opened November 15, 2010.
- Grand Mayan...... Open and operating throughout the year.
- Bliss...... No confirmed knowledge of where it will be located on the Riviera Nayarit property.
- Mayan Palace...... Southernmost tower has been demolished. The Center tower is a multi-use shopping and activities facility. The northern tower continues to be made up of one bedroom units with kitchens and master rooms with no kitchens. When the two are combined, they become 2 bedroom units. (December 7, 2012)
- Sea Garden...... Available and in operation during the winter months of 2011 and 2012 (November 4, 2011).
- Mayan Island Real Estate...... Operating and available to sell real estate.
- Nicklaus (Nayar) Course...... Course is now open. All 18 holes have been playable, but check the number of holes that are actually open before you arrive.
- Greg Norman Course...... Course is open for play. Check the number of holes that are actually open before you arrive.(Update as of May 23, 2016)

Puerto Penasco Status of Resorts at Puerto Penasco
- Grand Luxxe Residence Club...... None planned in the near future.
- Grand Bliss...... New tower has Grand Bliss spaces. Activity is too low to open. (Update as of May 23, 2016)
- Grand Mayan...... Newly constructed Grand Mayan resort opened March 1, 2015 (Update as of August 27, 2015).
- Bliss...... No known plans for a Bliss Resort.
- Mayan Palace...... Open and operating.
- Sea Garden...... None planned to our knowledge.
- Peninsula de Cortes Course...... Open 18 holes, par 72, 7,210 yard course.
- Mayan Island Real Estate...... Open to sell real estate.

Puerto Vallarta Status of Resorts at Puerto Vallarta
- Mayan Palace...... Open and operating.
- Other resorts...... No other known plans.

Riviera Maya Status of Resorts at Riviera Maya
- The Estates.... Five configurations were described in Volume 3 of the Spanish version of Vidanta Traveler. Monarch, Nautilus, Villa Estates, Jungle Estates (Loft), and the Arboretum are the floor plans described in this issue of The Vidanta Traveler. Please subscribe to view this article.
- Residences at the Grand Luxxe... Building Four - open and occupied. BeachWalkerBob provided updated photos of Building Four. The ground floor of Building Four houses 4 BR Residences. (February 10, 2017)
- Loft Residences..... Building Four - open and occupied. Two and three bedroom Loft Residences are located on floors two and three. Four units per side. With three sides per "Pod", we estimate there could be a total of 12 Lofts in Building Four (six 2 BR units and six 3 BR units). (As of February 10, 2017)
- Presidential Master Suites..... Building Four - Not included in Building Four.
- SPA Residences..... Building Three - 2 BR and 3 BR SPA Residences. Four units per floor, three floors per side and three sides, for a total of 36 two and three bedroom units. Opened in November, 2013. (As of April, 2015)
- Luxxe Villa and Suite Condos...... Building One and Two are open and operating. (As of April, 2015)
- Luxxe Jungle Suites..... Luxxe Jungle Suite Towers are north of the Luxxe Buildings. One bedroom, two bath suites are located in the Luxxe Jungle Suite Towers. Rrestaurants are planned for the area. There is a Lazy River that curves in front of the towers as well. The Lazy River is scheduled to open in October or November, 2017. (As of September, 2017)
- Grand Bliss...... Opened November 9, 2012. (As of December 7, 2012.)
- Grand Mayan...... Open and operating.
- Bliss...... There are now 21 Bliss buildings available at the 338 acre Riviera Maya Propserty. (As of September 17, 2012).
- Mayan Palace...... Is the Bliss replacing the Mayan Palace? Are the 21 Bliss buildings actually Mayan Palace buildings. (As of September 17, 2012.)
- Ocean Breeze Hotel...... Closed (December 7, 2012)
- El Manglar Golf Course...... 18 holes, par 54 and 2,923 yards

East Cape/San Jose del Cabo Status of Resorts at East Cape and San Jose del Cabo
- East Cape..... The big news is Vidanta has started work on the East Cape project. Evidence of roads being carved throughout the hills appears on Google Earth between June, 2016 and February 24, 2017. A new building has appeared on a knoll that seems to overlook the beach and property to the east. Some of the roads appear to be finished in cement. It also appears a land is being cleared for what could be construction pad for the first new building. East Cape is a very ambitious project. At one time, there was discussion of a tramway system would be built to provide access from the upper portions of the property to the lower. Most recently, there have been discussions of a large, multi-story structure as the first to open. The design of this proposed first structure seems to fit the pad that is now under construction. Who knows....? What we found out in January, 2018 that construction will not be completed until 2020 or later. We all know changes may occur and what is planned for today may not be what appears tomorrow. So, we will continue to....Stay tuned.... (Update: July 4, 2017)
- Grand Luxxe Residence Club...... Construction at East Cape - see above. May have Luxxe floor plans in San Jose del Cabo, but nothing has been announced. (Update: July 4, 2017)
- Grand Bliss...... Not a likely floor plan for East Cape. Not mentioned in San Jose del Cabo. (Update: July 4, 2017)
- Grand Mayan...... Not a likely floor plan for East Cape. Is open and operating in San Jose del Cabo. (Update: July 4, 2017)
- Hakkasan Group (San Jose del Cabo)..... The first of the three new Hakkasan Group projects to be announced, is now under construction. Herringbone Restaurant will showcase the flavors of the sea with its signature take on California coastal cuisine. It will be located just off from the main pools at Vidanta Los Cabos and will be designed to showcase the stunning edge-of-the-world views. (Update: May 18, 2017)
- Bliss...... Not a likely floor plan for East Cape. Not mentioned in San Jose del Cabo. (Update: July 4, 2017)
- Mayan Palace...... Not a likely floor plan for East Cape. Not mentioned in San Jose del Cabo. (Update: July 4, 2017)
- Sea Garden...... Not a likely floor plan for East Cape. Not mentioned in San Jose del Cabo. (Update: July 4, 2017)
- Punta Sur Golf Course (San Jose del Cabo)...... Nine holes, par 35, 3,135 yards.

Buenos Aires Status at Buenos Aires - No Longer a Vidanta Brand
- Mansions of the World...... It appears as though Mansions of the World is no longer one of the brands listed by Vidanta or Vidanta on their websites. It is not surprising in light of the Argentinian economy and the fact that there has not been any construction activity since 2012. Excavation created a hole in the ground. In the meantime, neighboring properties have matured.

Vidanta Cruises Vidanta Cruises
- First Cruise Ship Purchased.... On March 3, 2017, we learned from the Vida Vacations Sales department that Vidanta was entering the cruise line business by purchasing a 600 passenger, 240 stateroom ship that would be based in Puerto Vallarta. During the March 22, 2017 Gathering, this subject was discussed and confirmed as well. Then, on April 13, 2017, Shippax.com announced the renaming of a ship from Voyager to Vidanta Alegria. This ship left the Singapore dry dock, proceeded to Shalalah, Omon, where it spent a short period of time and then proceeded to Cadiz, Spain. According to the sales department, cruises are not likely to begin until 2019, when the Ritz Carlson cruises are scheduled to commence. The ship may be reconfigured to a 240 passenger ship, and the cruises may visit locations where Vidanta has established resorts. Stay tuned....(October 25, 2017) Please subscribe to view this article...

Each city has much to enjoy...they are all great places to visit and explore.

In addition to the great sights in each city, the Properties offer terrific options too. We will try to post those options as we can. If you see something that seems interesting to you, please let us know so we can take a look.

Our understanding is operations are carried out by the following organizations:
  • Vidanta

    • Holding Company
    • Investor in over twenty premiere resort brands across Latin America

  • Vidanta

    • Operations - Seven Resorts
      • Grand Luxxe Operations
      • Grand Bliss Operations
      • Grand Mayan Operations
      • Bliss - New in Riviera Maya
      • Mayan Palace Operations
      • Sea Garden Operations
      • Ocean Breeze Operations
    • Vida Vacations

  • Vida Vacations

    • Sales
    • Customer Service
Please Note: The above division of labor is our understanding based entirely on what we read on Vidanta, Vidanta, Vida Vacations websites, what we are told by company personnel and what we hear from other members. The information could be completely incorrect. We present this to provide a better understanding of the organizations that may be serving you during the life of your timeshare contract.

We believe the restructuring is necessary to meet the needs of the expanding number of resorts. We also believe the sales organizations will sell contracts for all resorts, including Sea Garden.

Perhaps the first priority is to sell contracts to use the newer resorts. If not successful and to able to sell something, it is possible the sales staff then offers the prospect the more established resort contracts.

That said, this is total speculation on our part and could be entirely inaccurate.

In the meantime, have fun at each resort and enjoy your vacation experience!

Disclaimer: Our objective is to keep viewers up to date with changes that are taking place at each Property. Please understand, we are not employed by or connected in any way with the Vida Vacation Club, Vidanta or Grupo Mayan organizations. We post what we understand are the projects that are underway. There could be errors in our posts and we take no responsibility for them. Please be aware that anything you see on this or any related website could be inaccurate or unsubstantiated or changed without notice.

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