Estates Plan - Wall Presentation - December 2019

Estates PODS in Nuevo Vallarta - Photo Update from J and V.

February 18, 2020

The Estates Pods in Nuevo Vallarta have been in their current state for more than a year. These close up photos from J and V show glass being installed in the windows and some progress toward completion.

Here is what they had to say:
My first email to Aimfair!
Sky dream stanchions are popping up rapidly..near tower 5 finished 2/15; nearby platform station well underway..
On our way to golf we took a quick diversion down street leading to the Estates Tri-pod. Massive. Glass window installation maybe half done. Sales agent said it would be ready for occupancy by November. See photos.

A smaller white building just across suspension bridge will house golf academy. large black pipe Sticking up in cleared field is the drainage system for academy range.
Their photos:

Estates POD Courtyard

Estates POD South East Corner

Estates POD South East Side of the building

Estates POD South East Side close up view of the building

It looks like there is a lot to complete before Novmeber. What do you think?
Thank you J and V. Great photos. These are the first close up images we have been able to see. Stay tuned...
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