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Vida Vibe - Pretty Nice Way To Communicate

June 21, 2012

The Summer Solstice is underway, and Grupo Vidanta has sent out its upgraded news letter. Quite nice and should be very informative. You can see it here: The Vida Vibe

There are many changes taking place at many of the Vidanta resorts. The challenge we all have is how do we keep up with them.

Grupo Vidanta has made enormous strides over the last few years, by expanding availability to information about their beautiful resorts. However, the company has to be very careful about what it can and cannot say. Legal issues abound.

Our efforts to stay in touch is from another direction. As a member sponsored website, we encourage discussions about what members see and hear as a way "of staying in touch with what's happening on the ground".

Both portals are viable and reliable. Our objective has always been to get as much information in front of fellow members as possible.

Clearly, from what we see going on at all the Grupo Vidanta resorts, there is much we will all be able to learn and share with each other in the coming years.

Bottom Line = Enjoy All You Have and Share What You Can....