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Scams Are Everywhere

June 21, 2012

Interesting isn't it? We are basically trusting by nature. We are taught innocent until proven guilty.

Charles Schultz created a number of characters, two of whom reenact an annual ritual, whereby Charlie Brown believes in the consummate psychiatrist, Lucy, at the beginning of each and every football season. This year, she will not take the ball away, and Charlie will fulfill his dream of kicking the perfect field goal.

Is there a lesson here?

This morning we received the following comment:

"I wish you would have posted this a day sooner. I researched this and nothing came up about Approved Property Management or Bellwhether Capital Group and unfortunely for me, I got scammed. All the paperwork looked good and sounded good promising it is all guarantee or my money back. Now no one answers the phone."

The "this" is information we posted about Approved Property Management and Bellwhether Capital.

Unfortunately, the ball was taken away....again, and our friend has landed on his back (figuratively, of course).

Two other companies are making the rounds. They are "based" in Houston, Texas. Investment Vacation Management and Grand Luxe Vacation Management offer guarantees and no up front fees. Sure, Lucy...do you think I'm going to fall for that again?

Remember...if its too good to be true, then it likely is not...