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Reserve A Lounge Chair With Your Towel?

July 31, 2012

It is not an encouraged practice....reserving a well placed lounge chair with a towel and a book, but it happens. Down to the pool we go, early in the morning, ready to soak up some of that beautiful sun and find the perfect spot. Grrrr! Someone beat you to the spot you had in mind....but that person is only fictitious. Yep, the reserving party is somewhere else, and only his or her towel and book are benefiting from the treasured spot. Plus, that practice is supposed to be banned by the hotel management team.

Sound familiar?

Well the practice is not an isolated one. It happens all over, even on beautiful cruise lines. In fact, Carnival is wrestling with the issue as we speak. Travel Weekly posted an article yesterday that discusses this very subject. You can read it here: Canival to police deck chair saving

It is unfortunate we have to be reminded management must "police" something as simple as deck chairs and chaise lounges, but that seems to be part of vacation living.

We have our own issues at the Punta, the pool in front of the Grand Luxxe and the Grand Mayan pool. It is not uncommon to enjoy your morning coffee on your deck as you welcome the warm morning sun, see towels and books already placed in popular spots.

Human nature? Competitive drive? Protecting what you feel is rightfully yours? First come first serve?

To the point....we are on vacation and want to be sure our place in the sun is protected in some way or another. Its a fine line....when is it OK to set up camp and when does the informal reservation system need monitoring? We are not alone, are we?

Have a nice day....