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We Are Pleased To Announce....

August 18, 2012

We formed a travel website for Aimfair members called www.AimfairVacations.com, and we are excited to let you know!

This new win-win-win value proposition provides Aimfair members with a personal travel concierge; access to an experienced, well staffed, award winning travel agency and access to travel services and benefits designed for individuals, families traveling as a group, friends traveling as a group and Aimfair members traveling as a group.

Our travel partner, Vacation Discounters, Inc. is a true supporter of Aimfair and its members. In fact, our personal travel concierge is Maria DeMarco, who is not only a member of Aimfair, but also a member of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club. She understands both sides of our collective travel interests.

What does all this mean? Well,
  1. First and foremost: We are not taking away from travel to Mexico and the resorts we love. Rather, we recognize our members travel to other places too. If they get savings on travel services that are unique to being a member of Aimfair, then all the better.
  2. Booking travel and cruise services as a member of Aimfair and through Maria generate savings and benefits that are in addition to credits and savings already offered to non-Aimfair members.
  3. Aimfair members qualify for Member Credits, based upon the amount of travel services purchased.
    • These are self directed discretionary credits, and can take the form of shipboard credits....or....cash. The form taken is at the discretion of the member booking the travel arrangements.
    • Aimfair members who have not already subscribed to Aimfair receive a subscription to Aimfair for one year.
    • Aimfair members who have already subscribed to Aimfair receive a subscription to Aimfair for one additional year.
  4. We will periodically offer Aimfair Member cruises. Fun! Meet with other Aimfair members at the pool on a ship rather than at a resort.
Apropos to Item #4 above, we would love your help and input. Three cruises could be fun for an Aimfair group, and they are listed in Aimfair Vacations News. Rank them on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being lowest interest and 5 being highest interest.). What fun!!

Our goal to find ways to provide members of Aimfair unique value propositions is topmost in our minds. We are very excited that we can expose our members to such high standards of service and reap rewards for using these services. This is truly a win-win-win value proposition. Let us know your thoughts or questions by emailing us at [email protected]

We hope you agree!