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Puerto Vallarta's New Malecon

August 25, 2012

Those who have recently visited Puerto Vallarta know about improvements to the Malecon, the popular beach side walkway - art gallery - performing arts center for rock stacking, sand objects, mimes and musicians. What's interesting is we arrive after being away for months and maybe even years to find changes that have taken place.

Last year, there were a number of highly visible activities that took place in Puearto Vallarta. To put on its best face, the Federal, state and municipal governments pulled together to beautify the "strip". It is now terrific. Safe and beautiful.

We thought you would enjoy the following video produced by the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta and found on Elmer Hernandez's YouTube page.

Although the video is in Spanish, those of us who do not speak or understand Spanish very well will get the idea.



See you in November....