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Another Rental Deal....

September 5, 2012

They are all over the place! Texas, Colorado, California....no sooner did we post our most recent scam alert (Event Specialists International), we received an email from one of our long time members asking about another company we covered called Investment Vacations Management. While answering Don's email, who should be calling but a representative from Dalewood Property Connections in Denver. Wait a minute!!! There are too many of you. How can we keep up if you continue to multiply geometrically?

Well soon, there will be so many of them, we will all become anesthetized, and the joke will be on them.

In the meantime, be careful, send your unsolicited calls and information about the callers to us at [email protected] and we will post the alerts in our Timeshare sections called Possible Scams and Solicitation Alerts.

Remember....if it sounds to good to be true, it is not likely true!